Chris Bashinelli

Chris Bashinelli, Adventurers, Life Beyond College, Speaker Series & Special Events, Story, Global Business NSB, empowerment, Keynote Motivational, international, Interpersonal Communication Chris Bashinelli, Adventurers, Life Beyond College, Speaker Series & Special Events, Story, Global Business NSB, empowerment, Keynote Motivational, international, Interpersonal Communication

Chris Bashinelli Text Reviews

Chris Bashinelli is an inspiration to youth worldwide. He speaks with passion and his message is one of hope, cultural tolerance and call to action. He knows how to reach young and old alike.
Jane Goodall PhD, DBE - Founder of the Jane Goodall Institute, UN Messenger of Peace
Chris opens people's eyes to the different worlds in which we live and makes people think about things we in the developed world take for granted.
Dr. Louise Leakey - Paleontologist and National Geographic Explorer in Residence
Chris has a passionate, captivating personality, and is a truly inspirational speaker. He breaks through cultural and generational boundaries and puts life into perspective. He ignites sincere emotions, which tend to get lost in our full and busy lives.
Konstanze Carreras - Head of Corporate Social Responsibility at BMW Group
Chris Bashinelli brings creativity and talent to the cause of intercultural dialogue, which he embraces with enthusiasm.
Marc Scheuer - Director of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations
While many other young adults only dream about making a difference, Chris Bashinelli is out there making it happen. He has turned his passion for multi-cultural education into a life of service, driven to teach and to learn.
Julie LaGuardia- Brand Development Consultant - Start up Team for Planet Green
Chris presents with a smooth confidence that sets the tone of the event and captures the attention of the audience. He harnesses the ethos of social entrepreneurship, and would be an asset to any event requiring a quality speaker.
Frank Fredericks, Executive Director - World Faith
What makes Chris different from other speakers is the genuine energy he brings to his audience. Seeing someone pursue their passion at a such a young age and with such vigor is inspiring to fellow young people to go out in the world and do what they love.
Bethany Eriksen - Student, Roots and Shoots Volunteer - Rollins College
Dear Chris, It was a pleasure to meet you at the United Nations International Day of Peace. Your motivational skills and energy along with the positive message you send will truly inspire people to help make this a better planet.
Mr. Michael Douglas - Academy Award-winning Actor, UN Messenger of Peace
He demonstrated such a 'mighty' ability to capture undivided attention from the entire audience. On both occasions, Chris delivered a very motivating message to distinguished guests from all over the world.
Peter (Pece) Gorgievski, CEO - Global Dialogue Foundation
Chris brings energy and tenacity to his innovative and soul searching presentations. His presentation reaches across various age groups and keeps them captivated, inspired and motivates them to want make a difference.
Credell Walls - Illinois State Coordinator, Jane Goodall's Roots and Shoots
Chris has a one-of-a-kind entrepreneurial spirit coupled with an overwhelming desire to be a positive influence for his generation.
Alfred Hanssen - Former COO, Miracle Corners of the World
Thank you for such a wonderful presentation! You were amazing - and a tough act to follow. I got to speak to the group of hospital volunteers later in the afternoon, and there was still a buzz from the morning session. To that group, I could only say that Bash was encouraging the rest of us to be like all of them. They are folks who look outwardly for opportunities to help others, and your speech affirmed that there are some really great people in this world who are already at Step Z.
Brian Whitlock, CEO - Idaho Hospital Association
I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed Chris's presentation today about being a Global Citizen. I think that the presentation was right on target. First and foremost you have to listen, second, you have to respect other people as equals and third, you need to have courage for what you do. I agree with all the points! And 'compassion', extraordinarily important.
Dr. Carol Summerhays, President - American Dental Association
I thought your speech was very dynamic. It was energetic. I love the way you came on stage and you captured the audience's attention immediately. You connected with them, you made them laugh, you inspired them, and you showed them what Scouting really meant to you.
Katie Helmle Clark - Boy Scouts of America, Montgomery, Alabama
Chris Bashinelli is like a breath of fresh air! We had a wonderful time listening to him make comparisons between cultures and to talk about the commonalities between all of us as human beings.
Lyn Broderson, Ph.D Asst. Vice President - Iowa State University