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Phill Nosworthy

Educator, Catalyst for Change, Author and Keynote Speaker

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Phill Nosworthy

Driven by digital transformation, the 4th Industrial Revolution will disrupt every industry in every country and it will happen very soon. In fact, as global speaker, brand advisor and change maker Phill Nosworthy reveals in keynote series 'The Meaning Makers'--it is already with us right now.

Phill works alongside leading brands like Microsoft and Apple as a speaker, facilitator and social impact strategist. He has been described as a 'meaning maker', a unique professional who has mentored and coached C-suite executives, world champion athletes and globally celebrated artists and entertainers in the lifestyle of meaning.

Drawing on cutting edge research into the pursuit of meaning in modern life and from first hand insights working with Fortune 500 companies, Phill shares progressive and practical insights into the future of interactions with customers and employees as their relationships to brand and work evolve. Phill's authentic speaking style evokes complete engagement and is flecked with humor as well as compelling case studies and behavioral science research.

Phill Nosworthy
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Phill Nosworthy
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The Human Economy

In the coming decade, artificial intelligence and digital transformation will disrupt every industry on a global scale.

It's being hailed as the 4th Industrial Revolution, and alongside the fun stuff of self-driving cars and real-time language translation, we'll see a loss in over 60% of existing job functions. This means some of our most revered brands and professions will completely disappear forever.

To compete and win in this shifting landscape, we must amplify the parts of ourselves that can't be programmed into an intelligent machine; our humanity.

Uniquely human traits like connection, contribution and creativity will become the leading differentiators of successful organizations and will determine the future of brand and workplace engagement.
In this human economy, we must lean into what makes us unique and harness meaning as the new form of currency.

This presentation will brief audiences on powerful future trends and the disruption that sits just over the horizon for all industries and career paths. Audiences will be taught strategies to navigate these changes and be inspired by a bold vision of the future.

Key Outcomes:
Next Economy
Sales and Branding
Future of Work
Influence and Engagement

The Future of Leadership

Studies show that less than 15% of today's graduates don't even want to work for a large organization.

Digital disruption, open marketplaces and the rise of entrepreneurship have created a whole new take on the war for talent. It's not only millennials who crave purpose more than just a paycheck.

Artificial intelligence and systems automation is causing people all around the world to rethink how they work, what it is that makes us most human and how to create deeply meaningful lives.

To engage the best talent and create high performing teams, smart organizations must tap into the core human drive for meaning and purpose.

Old models of leadership no longer apply. Command and conquer is out, coach and collaborate is in. Great leaders will deliberately challenge their teams and enable their success by cultivating resilience, grit and an insatiable appetite for growth.

In this presentation, you will gain insight into the unshakable link between meaning and engagement, how to empower people to find meaning and purpose in their work and how to harness that to maximize their performance.

Key Outcomes
Human Drive
Meaningful Influence

Profit on Purpose

Deeply integrated social strategies are no longer a nice to have, they are the price of entry in the future of branding.

Research shows that 62% of consumers want to buy from a socially conscious brand, 79% of employees want to work for a socially responsible company, and 1 in 4 consumers use their purchasing habits as their way of giving back.

Organizations that integrate meaning and purpose into their DNA outperform their profit-centric competitors. Progressive brands know that to continue to have cut-through, they must deliberately blur the lines between profit and purpose. By creating real social impact, and developing empowering narratives, organizations can become deeply meaningful to the people that matter to them most, and build a genuine competitive advantage.

In this presentation, audiences will understand 'selectivism' and why your brand must answer the question: beyond making money, why does your organization exist? Learn how to identify the unique role your brand can play in the community, and be inspired by the opportunity this presents as a bold new frontier.

Key Outcomes
Next Economy
Social Innovation

Phill Nosworthy
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