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Chris Westfall

Award Winning Elevator Pitch Expert and Author of Leadership Language

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Chris Westfall

How's your elevator pitch? Chris Westfall has created multi-million dollar revenue streams for companies on four continents, with innovative new strategies on leadership communication. As the US National Elevator Pitch Champion, he's helped clients to land on Shark Tank, Dragon's Den, and Shark Tank - Australia. A consultant to financial leaders and Fortune 100 companies, he's helped entrepreneurs to launch a broad array of businesses, and successfully re-branded products and services around the globe. Working with thousands of business leaders, he's helped launch over 50 companies, while raising over $100 Million in investment capital - and counting. He's coached teams to victory in the Intel Global Capital Conference, the Harvard Executive MBA Pitch Competition, and the Rice Business Plan Competition 2016 (the largest and most lucrative pitch competition in the world).

Chris' clients include HP, Cisco, Unilever, DISCOVER, Great American Insurance, The Jewish Federations of North America, American General Insurance, Old Dominion Freight, Experian, EY and many more.

Focused on the leaders of tomorrow, Chris has worked with a number of universities across North America. An award-winning MBA instructor, his latest book is called Leadership Language (Wiley). He's published seven books, including the international best-seller, The NEW Elevator Pitch. He's appeared on CNN, ABC NEWS and regularly writes for Forbes, Entrepreneur, and other publications. Originally from Chicago, Chris resides in Houston, TX, with his wife and two daughters, and is an avid supporter of the performing and visual arts.

Chris Westfall
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Chris Westfall
Featured Keynote Programs

Leading through Change

In times of economic uncertainty, every organization is focused on growth. Challenges are everywhere – but inside the process, people come first. So how do you create a culture of inclusion, innovation and impact? What leadership strategies make market challenges easier – even when life isn’t easy?

Discover how to maintain a balanced approach to profitability,

process and people, with Easier: the keynote that gives every organization exactly what they want, even when times are hard.

The path to growth exists inside your team – discover how a coaching culture brings it out.

Inside Easier, organizations will discover a new leadership perspective on peak performance – a perspective that drives employee engagement, collaboration and innovation. A perspective that’s based on a coaching culture – where people are heard, listened to, and understood in new and powerful ways.

Inside this keynote you will discover:

• EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT: The physics and engineering of greater efficiency (it’s not a matter of motivation, or believing in yourself – it’s science!)

• PURPOSE-DRIVEN LEADERSHIP: Breakthrough strategies for turning change into progress

• SALES GROWTH: Removing barriers to innovation and creativity, so that new performance shows up

• STORYTELLING: How to turn knowledge into impact – creating a culture of human beings, not just human doings

• RESILIENCE: Five Key Takeaways that are proven to improve employee engagement, retention and attraction – with a fresh perspective on talent management, human resources and leadership

Leadership Language

Find out what you haven’t heard about leadership, in this myth-busting journey of new discovery – and new outcomes – for the leaders in your organization. Connect with the only language you need to know, in order to change your results. Engaging, personal and inspiring, Leadership Language shows your team how to tap into your leadership potential from the moment Chris Westfall begins speaking.

Key Outcomes Include:

• LEADERSHIP MOTIVATION: The path to greater results, with proven science that breeds high performance

• LEADERSHIP COMMUNICATION: Discover how to lead through change, get comfortable with uncertainty, and turn change into progress

• STORYTELLING: Tap into greater innovation, leadership and creativity inside your organization – with the power of storytelling

• EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE (EQ): Communicate with greater clarity, confidence and compassion – while creating a culture of inclusion and belonging for your team

With Chris Westfall’s keynote, your employees, franchise owners and team members will explore these powerful leadership communication questions:

• What makes a leader effective, and why?

• What’s beyond psychology and personality, when it comes to leading others to new results?

• Can anyone be a leader?

• What’s your vision, and how can you share it in a way that’s compelling, engaging and actionable?

• How can you identify your purpose – and find ways to inspire your team?

Secrets of the NEW Elevator Pitch

Can you tell your story in a way that’s concise, persuasive and compelling...even if your client decides to take the stairs?

There’s a new way of looking at the perfect “elevator pitch”. According to Chris Westfall, the US National Elevator Pitch Champion, it’s not a pitch at all! Leading clients around the globe to change from a ‘pitch” to a conversation has helped Chris Westfall to launch over four dozen businesses and propel his clients onto television shows like Shark Tank, Dragons Den in Canada and even Shark Tank –

Australia. Interested in creating multi-million dollar revenues, attracting new customers and generating world-class customer service? Step off the elevator platform – and leave those outdated sales strategies in the dust.

The publisher of seven books, Chris Westfall has coached the winners of the Harvard Executive MBA Pitch Competition, the Intel Global Capital Conference, SEC New Ventures, and the Rice Business Plan Competition – the largest and most lucrative competition of its kind in the world. What could your team discover, in this interactive pitch workshop from one of the world’s top experts on compelling communication?

Teams and organizations will discover new insights into engagement, persuasion and action – without having to sound “pitch-y”, “Sales-y” or fake. Takeaways include:

• PERSUASION: Insights into instant interest: how to build rapport without being manipulative

• SALES GROWTH: What mistakes your team is making, right now, when pitching for new business

• STORYTELLING and LISTENING: How to overcome the natural resistance to a “pitch” – and how to create the authentic conversation that replaces it

This interactive keynote can include audience participation – giving your team the chance to be coached by the best of the best! Learn how to grow your business, and why you’ve got to stop “pitching” -- with advice from the National Champ!

Chris Westfall
Featured Books

Bullet Proof Brandingby Chris Westfall

Bullet Proof Branding

by Chris Westfall
Leadership Languageby Chris Westfall

Leadership Language

by Chris Westfall
The New Elevator Pitchby Chris Westfall

The New Elevator Pitch

by Chris Westfall

Chris Westfall
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