Brad Shuck | Award Winning Author, Keynote Speaker, Leading Authority on Employee Engagement and Workplace Culture

Brad Shuck

Award Winning Author, Keynote Speaker, Leading Authority on Employee Engagement and Workplace Culture

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Brad Shuck

Brad Shuck is one of the most recognized experts on employee engagement, organizational culture, and employee health and wellbeing in the world. He is a sought-after international keynote speaker, entrepreneur, and global consultant to some of the most admired companies across the globe. Shuck is the most published and widely recognized expert on employee engagement and organizational culture in the United States.

An award-winning speaker, author, and thought leader, Brad is a skilled and artful group facilitator for audiences of all sizes. Shuck seamlessly transitions between large formats such as opening and closing keynotes to executive and smaller group breakout sessions that drive discussion and engage participants at deep, personal levels that provide immediate impact. He commands the stage through inspiring presentations and deep dive internal workshops that shift behavior and motivate change. 

Brad’s keynotes often challenge the status quo. His personal and unique approach combines cutting edge actionable insights and deep research that leaders can immediately implement to drive a better future of work. Having worked in virtually every industry – hospitality, logistics, construction and manufacturing, higher education, healthcare, finance, technology and communications, and many others – Brad connects authentically with his audience to create truly exceptional experiences for his clients.   

Brad is available to deliver keynotes and presentations of any size as well as workshops and facilitated discussions, in person or virtual. He is also available for international travel.  

Brad Shuck
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Current: All In To WIN

Time 39:40

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All In To WIN
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Aligning Leadership
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Leading In Times of Crisis (Virtual)
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Brad Shuck
Featured Keynote Programs

Leading in the Future of Work

Work has changed. How we do work. How work feels. Our expectations about work. And what work means. All of it has changed. Forever. And we are not going back.  

From new models, new challenges, and new opportunities, the future of work is having its moment. And now is the time for leaders to get strategic about writing the next chapter. Employees in every sector of the economy are asking, “Is my work worth the cost, is this a place I could build a career, and do I belong here?”  The answers to these questions are the new currencies of work.  Trends in the data will continue to shift but the patterns are emerging. The future of work is here, and it is not going anywhere. It’s time to lead now.

Reimagining the Employee Experience
A Masterclass on Employee Engagement and the Future of Work

Driving high levels of employee engagement at all levels can propel an organization forward. The research is clear, but the implementation is often difficult. Using the latest in decision science and a story-driven framework, – instead of one size fits all strategies that rarely work – Shuck will dive into the behavioral economics principles that drive higher levels of employee engagement and detail how leaders at all levels can unleash the power of a highly motivated team. 

You’ll walk away understanding how organizational culture is linked to increased levels of employee engagement and wellbeing, and how culture drives creativity, performance, and turnover, as well as physical and mental health outcomes and what you can do to be a positive influence. Using the latest in best practice, you’ll take away proven strategies that empower a positive culture and that impact and influence employee engagement at all levels, from each individual employee to the teams they serve.

Leading Above the Line
What the Best Leaders are Doing Different

Leaders make all the difference. The leaders we need now are showing up with a different skill set. They are leading with dignity and inspiring with authenticity. The leaders we need right now are unapologetically authentic and operate with a relentless commitment to unselfish service and humility. We call this skill set Leading Above the Line and it is directly connected to the performance of the organizations and teams we serve. 

And, while the business environment will continue to shift, leaders in our organization have an unprecedented opportunity to live and lead in a different way. If we can get this right, we have the power to fundamentally change the way employee’s work and live their lives – not just for the next few months, but for generations to come. Using the latest insights on leader behavior, learn how leaders at all levels have the power to impact culture, employee wellbeing and health, and ultimately influence higher levels of employee engagement. In this informal and conversational talk, participants will engage in dialogue and reflection and be challenged to implement small changes that will have a huge impact.

Crushing Your Goals
The Role of Behavioral Economics in Driving Engagement

When it comes to inspiration, compensation and inspiration drive different outcomes, and this is especially true when talking about performance. Setting inspired goals, creating moments of inspiration, and role modeling inspiration through leadership has not only been shown to increase performance, but sustain increased performance through cycles overtime. 

More, employees are more inspired when they are around others who are also striving for bigger and better goals, doing their best work, and creating communities where inspiration thrives. In this evidenced based, laid-back workshop, we dive into the psychology of inspiration, explore the role of goals in creating the opportunity for inspiration, and dig into the fundamental differences between compensation and inspiration. We might even set a few inspired goals along the way.

Brad Shuck
Featured Book

Employee Engagement: A Research Overviewby Brad Shuck

Employee Engagement: A Research Overview

by Brad Shuck

Brad Shuck
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