Scott Mautz | Electrify your audience with a former senior Procter & Gamble executive, award-winning author, and faculty at Indiana University’s School of Business for Exec. Ed.

Scott Mautz

Electrify your audience with a former senior Procter & Gamble executive, award-winning author, and faculty at Indiana University’s School of Business for Exec. Ed.

Scott Mautz

Scott Mautz is a former senior executive of Procter & Gamble, where he successfully ran several of the company’s largest multi-billion-dollar businesses. He’s an award-winning, bestselling author, popular course instructor on LinkedIn Learning (where his courses have been taken 1.5 million times and counting), faculty at Indiana University’s School of Business for Executive Education, and a frequent guest on many national publications/shows. Scott's been named a "CEO Thought-leader" by the CEO Executive Guild and a "Top 50 Leadership Innovator" by Inc., where his popular column drew nearly 2-million readers/month.

He’s a speaker and trainer that’s commonly described as “riveting” (despite his daughter’s utter disbelief of that description). His one-of-a-kind blend of business experience, research, storytelling, tools, sprinkles of humor, and hi-octane delivery, opens hearts and minds. 

He brings his thunderous passion to help others become even better versions of themselves to stage and online, internationally, in the areas of mental strength/peak performance, world-class teams, flourishing in change, leading brilliantly as a middle manager, and inspiring employee engagement. He prides himself on his “No-Diva” policy (being easy to work with), on coming across as authentic and as down-to-earth as he really is, and on being a speaker who makes the people who hire him, look really good.

Scott Mautz
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Flourishing in the Face of Change
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The Secret to High-Performing Organizations
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Scott Mautz
Featured Keynote Programs

Becoming Mentally Stronger

Mental strength has become THE leadership superpower of our times; i.e. the ability to self-regulate your emotions, thoughts, and behaviors to achieve exceptional outcomes, despite circumstances. In this compelling keynote, the audience is introduced to this researched-backed insight, and the fact that mental strength is comprised of six “mental muscles,” six areas/tests of leadership that most directly correlate with exceptional achievement. These same areas require self-regulation skills to navigate them effectively:

• Fortitude 
• Decision-making
• Confidence 
• Goal-focus
• Boldness 
• Messaging (sending the right messages of positivity/intent

The audience comes to understand it’s about managing internally, so you can lead better externally (professionally and personally), and are emotionally and intellectually engaged in how to do so. Multiple tools are introduced throughout the keynote to inspire and equip the audience to become mentally stronger.

Flourishing In Change

Change can galvanize or paralyze a company and its employees. This keynote teaches that the key to thriving (not just surviving) in change is to embrace the fundamental Change Choice (will you see change as happening to you or for you), to adopt the Change Curve (how human beings process change), and to learn how to overcome the Core Challenges of Change (including discomfort with the unknown and fear of failure, will to persevere falters, and getting stuck in old, unhelpful narratives). The audience walks away with a complete plan for successfully navigating change.

The Feel of World-Class Teams

Looking to build a tight-knit, high-achieving, world-class team? It comes down to how membership on that team makes you feel (i.e. the team norms and the psychological and behavioral vibe present). In this keynote, the audience learns how they can foster their own super-team by understanding and acting on the 5 most common and powerful sentiments that research shows tight-knit, top-achieving teams feel:

• The ability to make an impact (including clarity of expectations/open communication)
• Comfort with uncertainty/risk-taking (including change)
• No fear of failure (self-confidence flourishes)
• A caring culture
• The will to persevere

The Secret to High-Performing Organizations

This keynote reveals that the secret to the highest-performing organizations is a workforce deeply motivated by leaders adept at fostering meaning both in and at work. Research is shared that shows meaning is the motivator of our times, then the audience is introduced to “The Markers of Meaning”– specific conditions the leader can foster that create meaning in and at work: working with a sense of purpose and autonomy, fueling learning and personal growth, creating a sense of competency and self-esteem, working with a sense of autonomy and influence, and working in a caring environment.

Scott Mautz
Featured Books

The Mentally Strong Leader: Build the Habits to Productively Regulate Your Emotions, Thoughts, and Behaviorsby Scott Mautz

The Mentally Strong Leader: Build the Habits to Productively Regulate Your Emotions, Thoughts, and Behaviors

by Scott Mautz

Manage yourself internally so you can lead better externally

Award-winning, bestselling author Scott Mautz defines mental strength as the ability to self-regulate emotions, thoughts, and behaviors to achieve exceptional outcomes, despite adversity. It’s the leadership superpower of our times. Mentally strong leaders are confident and in control of themselves and their environment; they have endurance, are disciplined, and external stressors make their decision-making sharper. They’re a safe port in a storm for their team.

The Mentally Strong Leader gives readers a mental exercise plan to become such a leader. Readers will walk away with a menu of over 50 proven tools they can choose from to build a tailored set of habits in six areas that will make them mentally stronger: 

  • Fortitude
  • Decision-making
  • Confidence
  • Goal-focus
  • Boldness             
  • Messaging

Inspired by Mautz’s hit LinkedIn Learning course, “10 Habits of Mentally Strong People,” his 25 years leading some of Procter & Gamble’s multi-billion-dollar businesses, and over 30 years of studying this topic, The Mentally Strong Leader relies on mental models, data and research, habit-building science, and practical tools and exercises to create enduring understandings for readers. Mautz begins with a compelling explanation of the power of mental strength, and offers a Mental Strength Self-Assessment. He finishes, as he has in his past titles, like Leading from the Middle, and Make it Matter, by providing a Mental Action Plan (MAP) to help readers create their own, tailored practice.

Leading from the Middleby Scott Mautz

Leading from the Middle

by Scott Mautz

The definitive playbook for driving impact as a middle manager

Leading from the Middle: A Playbook for Managers to Influence Up, Down, and Across the Organization delivers an insightful and practical guide for the backbone of an organization: those who have a boss and are a boss and must lead from the messy middle. Accomplished author and former P&G executive Scott Mautz walks readers through the unique challenges facing these managers, and the mindset and skillset necessary for managing up and down and influencing what happens across the organization.

You'll learn the winning mindset of the best middle managers, how to develop the most important skills necessary for managing from the middle, how to create your personal Middle Action Plan (MAP), and effectively influence:

  • Up the chain of command, to your boss and those above them
  • Down, to your direct reports and teams who report to you
  • Laterally, to peers and teams you have no formal authority over

Anyone in an organization who reports to someone and has someone reporting to them must lead from the middle. They are the most important group in an organization and have a unique opportunity to drive impact. Leading from the Middle explains how.

Make It Matter: How Managers Can Motivate by Creating Meaningby Scott Mautz

Make It Matter: How Managers Can Motivate by Creating Meaning

by Scott Mautz
Find the Fireby Scott Mautz

Find the Fire

by Scott Mautz
Once upon a time, you probably learned the thrill of a good day's work and were inspired to work harder and accomplish more. Then the honeymoon ended, burnout set in, and you began going through the motions uninspired. Wouldn't you love to feel as engaged and energized as you were on day one? You can! The key is to quit waiting for it to happen and take control of the process yourself.In Find the Fire, discover how you can shake off the malaise and dial up the motivation. Whether you're wrestling with fear, disconnectedness, boredom, lack of creative outlets, overwhelm, or other issues, you will find applicable insights, exercises, inspiring stories, checklists, and more as you learn about the nine forces that drain inspiration. Learn how to reconnect with your coworkers and managers, how to boost your self-confidence and personal presence, and how to stay in control during tough times. Discover how to empower yourself, not waiting for others to fill that need, and how you can still produce work you're proud of, even after many years of performing the same tasks. You've probably been asking yourself lately what inspires you now. But the more applicable question is, how did you lose the inspiration you once had in the first place? Learn to find that again.

Scott Mautz
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