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Michelle Gielan

Bestselling author Michelle Gielan inspires audiences and gives them the research-based tools to create greater levels of happiness and success at work and beyond.

Michelle weaves together poignant stories, interactive experiments and novel research to keep audiences entertained and engaged throughout.

Former clients describe her talks as "inspirational," "hilarious!" and "incredibly practical."

Michelle can train you and your audience how to:
-Inoculate the brain against stress and negativity
-Leverage what's working to increase success in yourself and others
-Make impactful verbal and non-verbal changes to your communication style
-Shift the office social script to create a talent-enhancing environment
-Boost employee engagement, productivity, and work satisfaction in others

Michelle Gielan
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How to Fact Check Your Stress
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Michelle Gielan
Featured Keynote Programs

The Optimism Quotient
Strengthening a Mindset that Fuels Happiness and Success

An engaged, optimistic mindset is a massive advantage in the modern economy and one of the single biggest drivers of success. New research in the fields of neuroscience and positive psychology is showing the incredible ripple effect rational optimism can have on performance, profitability and happiness at work. Nationally recognized researcher and best-selling author Michelle Gielan will empower you with practical, research-based positive communication strategies to increase happiness and fuel success. Learn the science behind how to train the brain for greater optimism to reap the benefits: 31% increase in productive energy, 37% higher sales, 40% higher likelihood of a promotion, and a 23% decrease in stress. Weaving together poignant stories, interactive experiments and her own novel research, Michelle presents a compelling, engaging science-based case showing that being positive and sharing that optimistic mindset with others is central to success. During her session, you will learn how authentic, rational optimism significantly increases performance and business success, a proven tool to inoculate your brain against stress and negativity, practical, researched 2-minute habits proven to retrain your brain to be more resilient in minutes, and how interconnected teams can create cultures of high performance and sustainable resilience.

Resilient to the Core
How to Improve Your Default Response to Stress to Boost Performance & Happiness

Stress has become one of the biggest barriers to high performance on and off the field, yet new research shows 91% of us could improve our default response to stress using simple positive habits. In one of the largest studies on stress of its kind, researcher and bestselling author Michelle Gielan has identified the three major dimensions of your stress response that predict your well-being and performance, and how to quickly shift from stuck to empowered. She shares the new research coming out of positive psychology and strategies for achieving 31% greater energy and 23% fewer stress-related symptoms. Audience members will learn how to identify the three major responses to stress that waste energy and leave us stuck, inoculate their brains against common stresses and negative people, use unavoidable stress to their advantage to boost performance, develop three habits to retrain their brains to be more resilient and optimistic in minutes, and cultivate interconnected teams to create cultures of high performance, optimism and sustainable resilience.

Strengthening a Mindset that Fuels Well-being Amid Uncertainty

During this interactive 60 minute session, you will learn:
- How rational optimism makes you more adaptive in the midst of uncertainty and change
- What optimists do differently and effectively in times of crisis
- Why rational optimism significantly increases performance and success
- Researched strategies to stay informed about global disruption without suffering emotional consequences
- Ways to increase social connection in a time of social distancing
- A proven tool to inoculate your brain against stress and negativity
- Practical, researched 2-minute habits to retrain your brain to be more resilient in minutes

Broadcasting Happiness
Creating Success through Positive Engagement

Effective, positive communication is the single biggest driver of success at work. New research in the fields of neuroscience and positive psychology is showing the incredible ripple effect positive communication can have on employee engagement, productivity, and happiness. After spending years as a national CBS News anchor broadcasting to millions and receiving an advanced degree from the University of Pennsylvania in Positive Psychology, Michelle developed simple, yet proven techniques for positive communication that drive individual and team success for quantifiable results. She trains professionals on ways to inoculate their brain against stress and negativity, praise effectively, get others to adopt a more resilient mindset and shift the culture at work to create a talent-enhancing environment.

Michelle Gielan
Featured Book

Broadcasting Happinessby Michelle Gielan

Broadcasting Happiness

by Michelle Gielan

Broadcasting Happiness will inspire you and change your life.
--Parade Magazine

We are all broadcasters. As managers, colleagues, parents and friends, we are constantly transmitting information to the people around us, and the messages we choose to broadcast create success or hold us back.

What's your broadcast?

New research from the fields of positive psychology and neuroscience shows that small shifts in the way we communicate can create big ripple effects on business and educational outcomes, including 31 percent higher productivity, 25 percent better performance ratings, 37 percent higher sales, and 23 percent lower levels of stress.

In Broadcasting Happiness, Michelle Gielan, former national CBS News anchor turned positive psychology researcher, shows you how changing your broadcast changes your power by sharing jaw-dropping stories and incredible research.

Learn Michelle's simple research-based communication habits that have been featured in her PBS program Inspire Happiness and Oprah's 21 Days to Happiness class.

Broadcasting Happiness will help you:

- Inoculate your brain against stress and negativity by fact-checking challenges
- Drive success by leading a conversation or communication with positivity
- Rewrite debilitating thought patterns and turn them into fuel for resilience and growth
- Deal with negative people in a way that lessens their power
- Share bad news more effectively to increase future social capital
- Create and sustain a positive culture at work or home by creating contagious optimism
- Help the people you care about most move from negative to positive in seconds

Broadcasting Happiness showcases how real individuals and organizations have used these techniques to achieve results that include increasing revenues by hundreds of millions of dollars, raising a school district's graduation rate by 45 percent, and shifting family gatherings from toxic to thriving.

Changing your broadcast can change your life, your success, and the lives of others around you. Broadcasting Happiness will show you how!

Michelle Gielan
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