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March 21, 2016
The Myth of the Natural Salesperson
By Tom Hopkins
It's sad, but true, that many people think they can't do well in sales because of The Myth of the Natural Salesperson. This common fallacy is a destructive idea that I'd like to eliminate from your mind ...
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March 20, 2016
Gulf News | Great Place To Work Delivers Effective Change
By Chris Roebuck
Cultural transformation can only be achieved when managers realise that employees want to be the best and change of their own free will rather than under pressure. What's the most ...
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March 17, 2016
Predicting the Next Wave of Industry Disruption
By Nick Earle
If you read the avalanche of marketing material from venture-funded loss-making startups in the cloud space you'd think that on-premise infrastructure will become akin to old typewriters lying ...
March 15, 2016
Event Success | The Inbox Never Lies
By Shawn Hanks
If anyone knows anything about having to consistently one-up themselves on a job well done, it's event planners. 'Event planner' was recently ranked as the fifth most stressful job by CareerCast (with the military, ...
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March 15, 2016
5 Steps to Improve Your Next Business Presentation
By Mimi Bliss
Prepare with a question, not a slide deck. When you prepare, ask yourself "What's really important?"; Develop an outline with key points and stories before you create PowerPoint slides. The ...
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March 10, 2016
Top 5 Most Stressful Jobs? Event Planners Make the List
By Vince Poscente
Each of us can readily empathize how serving in the military, police force, fighting fires or flying a plane can be stressful, but you don't truly know how stressful planning an ...
March 09, 2016
What A 5'11 Guy Can Learn From A 7'4 Guy About Hustle
By Brian Lord
If you can take a story from a 7'4 NBA player and immediately apply it to yourself and your elementary school daughters, you know the guy has a good story. Former auto mechanic turned NBA all-star ...
March 08, 2016
This water is tepid - not room temperature.
By Shawn Hanks
This Top 5 list image caught my attention this morning. (Thanks for sharing,Vince.) I immediately nodded "yes" knowing the stress levels of our event partners. Planning and executing events demands a wide ...
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March 05, 2016
The $10,000 Newlywed Surprise
By The Money Couple
Coming home from vacation is so hard! While you're swinging in a hammock in paradise you forget your long list of things to do, your bills, your diet and your boss. Coming home is a startling return to ...
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March 03, 2016
BBC + Dr. Stephen Peters' "Culture of Success"
By Dr. Stephen Peters
With over 32 years spent on the frontline of education, Dr. Stephen Peters has risen to the challenge of any role he's had to take on. He ...

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