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August 07, 2016
The Mindset of High Achievement
By Josh Linkner
In an effort to get ahead in our careers, we test out new leadership tactics like we change our clothes. Whatever the current fad - from Lean Processes, to Management by Objective, to Agile Leadership - it's ...
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August 04, 2016
Elder Abuse…It happens in the darndest places
By Susan Geffen
In this family there are five daughters who lost their mother last year. Their father, 89, (Mr. "H";) has since taken up with a 33 year old woman here on a Matricula Consular ID Card. This is ...
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August 03, 2016
My Father's Keeper
By L.Y. Marlow
I stood next to my brother, same height and age, our small hands grasping the clothed edges of the casket.We were five years old.Would you like to see your daddy?The man's voice was kind as he lifted us up at the same time ...
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August 02, 2016
Taya Kyle | Should Military Leaders Engage In Politics?
By Taya Kyle
Taya Kylerecently made an appearance on the Fox News Channel and we loved what she had to say on the issue of whether or not retired military personnel should be allowed to voice their ...
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August 02, 2016
The New Feminine Template
By Sahar Hashemi
Today we celebrate International Women's Day knowing this is an extraordinary age to be a woman in business. Traits which we innately have as women, which have long been derided as "too feminine"; or ...
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August 01, 2016
U.S. National Amputee Soccer Team Brings Home First 'Top Three' Finish!
By Josh Sundquist
Congratulations to Josh Sundquist and the U.S. National Amputee Soccer Team on bringing home the third place trophy from the Costa Rica Cup! This win makes the first ever ...
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August 01, 2016
Forgiving John Hinckley
By Michael Reagan
A federal judge has ruled that John Hinckley Jr., the mentally disturbed man who tried to assassinate my father 35 years ago, will be set free in about a week. Many people, including members of my own family, ...
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July 27, 2016
5 Hard, Challenging Steps To Becoming A Millionaire
By Dale Partridge
I remember telling my Dad at a young age how I would become a millionaire by 30. He gave me the non-sarcastic, yet mostly skeptical "I bet you will son."; But shockingly,I did. And ...
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July 27, 2016
RCA | Kidspiration.TV Is Here!
By Ron Clark Academy
"There are plenty of adults asking questions all the time. We believe kids deserve their turn, too and that's how Kidspirationcame to be." The Ron Clark Academy has launched Kidspiration, a brand new TV network run by kids ...
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July 27, 2016
7 Tips on How to Prepare to Teach, When You Haven't Been Trained as a Teacher
By Ida Abdalkhani
I recently started teaching at my alma mater, The Ohio State University. Given the focus of my boutique consulting business, Ability to Engage, where we help ...

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