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Kim Alexis

Kim Alexis has a high recognition in the marketplace, particularly among women in the 35-60 year old range. Having been featured in over 500 magazine covers, worked as a fashion correspondent on Good Morning America and appeared in countless commercials for companies such as Revlon, Gillette and many others, Kim is deeply etched in the consciousness of tens of millions of American consumers.Unlike most Supermodels, Kim has never intimidated women. Rather, to most consumers, she has always come across as "accessible" and "likeable". Over the years, Kim has de-emphasized her career in favor of raising 5 children. During this time, however, her image has nevertheless evolved; to a large extent, as the result of hundreds of speaking engagements at events sponsored by organizations around the country on topics ranging from health and nutrition, to fitness, parenting, self improvement and women's empowerment.As people become more aware that Kim has been a "hands on" mother to her 3 boys (the oldest being 26), that she successfully overcame a serious thyroid disorder, and that she has intelligent, well informed views on issues that matter to their lives, her credibility invariably rises in categories that extend well beyond "fashion". When they additionally learn that she has been a dedicated athlete all of her life-including competitive swimming in high school, and the subsequent completion of 8 marathons and 3 triathlons- her image evolves further.Today, Kim retains the "style credentials" imparted by her fashion-related background, while also being recognized by a growing percentage of the market as an advocate for wholesome values and healthy choices.

Kim Alexis
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Kim Alexis
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How to Model; How to be Disocvered

Kim Alexis takes you back to the time when she was discovered as a model with Elite Model Management in New York City. How did an 18 year old from a small town get discovered and sent into the NYC modeling scene? Learn what she did to make it in the business and how YOU can be discovered. Kim will share her thoughts on the modeling business and walk you through what the agencies are looking for in a model. Kim will teach you how to present yourself to the agencies to get the most out of your interview.

Dieting Lessons

Kim takes you through her pains and struggles with numerous diets. She shares her longings and cravings and what it took to be a successful thin model in New York City. She will teach you what she learned over the years; what diets work and what to avoid and why. She will also teach you how to look at dieting in a new way. What you think about yourself, you will become.

Thyroid Problems and What I learned

When someone is diagnosed with a thyroid condition, they are supposed to be on medication for the rest of their life, right?

Kim Alexis has been on a journey with her thyroid. She moved and changed doctors many times over the years; each one with a different approach on how to handle her loss of energy and her ever changing thyroid hormone blood levels. She has learned a lot of useful information, over the years, as she searched for answers to her health. It wasn't always easy while trying to maintain enough energy to raise a family and still look good while staying in the public eye.

Kim shares her personal experiences with her thyroid health and invites you to read her story.

Cleansing the Body; Detoxifying

I have concentrated on detoxifying my body since I first started to model at 18. There are no disputes from anyone that eating clean, healthy unprocessed food is bad for you; that breathing fresh air is harmful. Many of us are so overwhelmed with the daily chores of life that we forget to take care of the very body that carries us through the day. No wonder we are a tired, overweight society. Let’s learn something and start paying attention to what we touch, smell and taste each day. Let Kim teach you what to be aware of and how to help the body clean itself out. It’s time to get lean and clean!

Kim Alexis
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Kim Alexis
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Original Supermodel Kim Alexis releases e-Book 'Modeling: How To Be Discovered'

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