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April 17, 2014
Radio Host Takes On New Job As Movie Producer
By Glenn Beck
Written by Kory Grow Glenn Beck is putting his faith in Hollywood - literally. The conservative radio host has been refurbishing the Studios at Las Colinas in Irving, Texas, according to The ...
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April 17, 2014
How to Afford the Growing Expenses of Raising a Child
By Michelle Singletary
When I was having my first child, my friends and family were very concerned. Knowing my penny-pincher nature, they weren't sure I would buy much of anything for my newborn. So ...
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April 15, 2014
What Women Should Know About Self-Assurance
By Katty Kay
Why is it that women feel they need 100% of a skill set to apply for a job while men will jump in with 60%? Why, when graduate students were recently asked what they deserved to earn five years ...
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April 15, 2014
Political Analyst Tells Crowd to Look to Each Other, not Washington
By Scott Rasmussen
Written by: Kevin Hardy If we want to solve our country's problems, we should look to each other, not to the nation's capital.That was the message that Scott Rasmussen, ...
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April 15, 2014
Economists See Growth Spurt Delayed, Not Derailed
By Dr. James F. Smith
Written by Kathleen Madigan Harsh winter weather delayed-but likely didn't derail-the breakout growth many economists expected for the U.S. going into the year.According to The Wall Street ...
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April 11, 2014
Former CBS News Correspondent Featured on The O'Reilly Factor
By Sharyl Attkisson
Former CBS investigative news correspondent, news anchor and author, Sharyl Attkisson, was recently featured on The O'Reilly Factor about the influence of media on the ...
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April 11, 2014
Should Student Athletes be Paid?
By Michelle Singletary
The U-Conn. Huskies' star guard, Shabazz Napier, told reporters that sometimes he goes to bed "starving"; because he can't afford food, reports The Washington Post's Soraya Nadia McDonald. That's a ...
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April 10, 2014
How to be Present in Your Leadership Roles
By Marcus Lemonis
Written by Colleen Kane Lack of strong leadership will hold back any business, even if it's not failing. Take the example of the wine and craft beer store and bar Amazing Grapes, in Orange ...
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April 10, 2014
Why Making Employees Happy Pays Off
By Richard Branson
Happy employees are central to the success of a business. We all instinctively know this, but it can be hard to pinpoint why. Nobody would argue that employees should be sad and downtrodden, yet it seems as though ...
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April 08, 2014
4 reasons you should always pay designers and developers.
By Demo Speaker
I have some friends who are graphic designers & developers. Over the last few years I've watched an interesting phenomenon develop. People expect them to work for free. Friends, ...

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