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September 20, 2016
Why "Everybody Just Get Along" Isn't a Good Long-term Strategy for a Healthy Family
By Paul White
In working with family-owned businesses for several years now, I've seen one pattern of relating that consistently doesn't work over the long term. In many ...
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September 20, 2016
The Death of Comfortable
By Joanna Hyatt
Today we mourn a death. The death of Comfortable. HE CAME INTO OUR LIVES UNINVITED, SEEMING TO APPEAR OUT OF NOWHERE, ONLY TO BECOME A PERMANENT FIXTURE. A silvertongued easy-going intruder, he convinced us to ...
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September 20, 2016
Fixing the Damage Done From Yelling at Your Kids
By Meg Meeker
Let's face it. We're all guilty of saying things to our kids that we'd give anything to take back. And worse, many of us have yelled nasty things too. So is there anything we can do to make up for ...
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September 20, 2016
What I Learned Backpacking Around the World
By Ida Abdalkhani
It's interesting how of my varied journeys and adventures in life-getting my MBA right after my undergraduate degrees (with no full-time work experience), going from corporate employee to ...
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September 19, 2016
The Greatest Enemy of Every Marriage
By Mark Merrill
What is the opposite of Love? If you saidHate, well, I hate to disagree with you, butI'm convinced that the opposite of love is reallyselfishness. And in marriage, selfishness often makes you the worst ...
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September 19, 2016
Two easy ways to save money in your book promotion
By Maria Murnane
I've said countless times in this blog that if you want to get people to read your book, you have to give away a lot of copies. To reviewers. To bloggers. To the editor of your college ...
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September 18, 2016
Overcoming Your Inner Critic
By Josh Linkner
"Stop pushing yourself," your angry four-inch tall shoulder-Devil whispers in your ear. "Let's blow off the day and hang on the couch. You'll never amount to much anyway." We all have that inner voice - the ...
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September 12, 2016
The power of a professional headshot
By Maria Murnane
Inlast week's postI said that for the overwhelming majority of authors, it's important to make an effort to connect with your fans. The same goes for having a good headshot. If you're selling millions ...
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September 12, 2016
The Destiny of Diversity
By Raquelle M. Zuzarte
As we bid adieu to summer and survive the frenzy of the fall schedule, let's take a moment to reflect on one of the biggest highlights of 2016 - the Rio Games. The Games heralded our quadrennial celebration of ...
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September 11, 2016
The Two Must-Have Beliefs of History-Makers
By Josh Linkner
What do world-class athletes, prolific artists, and business titans have in common? What traits are shared by Picasso and Jay Z, Mark Zuckerberg and Leonardo DaVinci, Serena Williams and Mozart? ...

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