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Steve Kissell

Reducing Stress and Conflict At Work

Steve Kissell

Steve Kissell began his speaking career as a kindergarten teacher 35 years ago. After creating a training program for teachers he evolved into the corporate world and has traveled to all 50 states bringing his brand of education and humor to thousands. Along the way he has authored 5 books on the subject of humor and life. He retired from the military as a Navy Corpsman and contributed over 6,000 volunteer hours with Virginia Beach Rescue.

An international-speaking veteran of more than 1,500 programs. Steve Kissell was awarded the Certified Speaking Professional from National Speakers Association. This was given for professionalism as well as presentation content. He is recognized as a humorist/trainer able to appeal to a wide variety of groups. His use of audience participation makes his programs memorable and immediately applicable. Steve Kissell's use of clean comedy means you don't have to worry about anyone being offended.

Steve Kissell
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Steve Kissell
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Public Speaking
Entertaining & Entertaining Audiences in Today's World!

The spoken word is one of the most powerful message carriers. Despite recent technological advances we must still be able to share important information while keeping our audience interested and entertained. How can this be accomplished when the information is 'dry' or technical? How can a technical talk be turned into a powerful presentation? How do you start putting a presentation together?

Stephen Kissell shares the inside tips from his professional speaking experience. After more than 1,500 (in all 50 states) presentations he is able to help organizations get the most of your experiences. Discover how important humor is to any presentation and when to use it. Understand how to look for humor and how it can help create a memorable presentation. Learn the mechanics of speech writing; how to grab their attention and keep it!


·         Participants will cover speech writing from structure to delivery.

·         Learn fun ways to add pizazz to a program.

·         Discover ways to make audio visual work for instead of against you.

·         Learn how and when to add humor to a presentation.

·         Recognize ways to expand your market and where to market.

·         Explore ways to "punch up" your presentation with powerful tips.

Dynamic Customer Service

This workshop will assist your people deliver the fast turnaround, sincere courtesy and respect your customers respond too and will keep them coming back. Brimming with strategies for real world situations this workshop will give you the skills necessary to help your people become more effective with customer relations.

Team Building with Laugher

This workshop will assist your organization in bringing together the strengths and talents of your team to meet the challenges of reduction, finances and change. The time together will empower team members to reduce conflict, establish networking, bring about synergy and transform workplace to fun place.

Surviving Life with Laughter

This keynote will have participants learn effective methods to reduce stress in their work and personal life. Explore positive changes you can make in your approach to work and combat personal challenges. This session has lots of audience participation with lots of laughter!

Steve Kissell
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