Kevin Brown | The Hero Effect: Making a Difference When It Matters the Most!

Kevin Brown

The Hero Effect: Making a Difference When It Matters the Most!

Kevin Brown

Kevin Brown’s unconventional path to business and personal success has taught him that winning in business and in life requires anything but conventional thinking. He grew up in Muskegon, Michigan where his blue-collar roots taught him the value of hard work and determination. With a streetwise aptitude and a never quit attitude, he worked his way from the front lines in business to the executive boardroom.

Kevin understands what drives organizational excellence and customer loyalty. He knows first-hand how great brands think, feel and act. He is a branding and culture expert with a 30+ year career in franchise development. He spent the last 20 years of his corporate career as part of a leadership team that built a little-known family business into the #1 franchise in their industry with annual revenues exceeding $2 billion dollars. Since 2016, he has traveled the world pursuing a mission to share The HERO Effect® message with as many people and organizations as possible.

The HERO Effect® is a simple philosophy that separates world-class organizations and high-performance people from everybody else. Kevin is passionate about helping people expand their vision, develop their potential, and grow their results. And, as the father of a child with autism he knows firsthand how the principles of true success reach beyond the boardroom and into the lives of real people facing the challenges of everyday life.

As a highly sought-after keynote speaker, Kevin has had the privilege of speaking to a wide variety of organizations including American Express, Delta Airlines, PayPal, ExxonMobil, Nationwide, H&R Block, Sprint, Ernst & Young, Million Dollar Round Table, Merck, Booz Allen Hamilton, and many more.

Kevin is the bestselling author of The Hero Effect® (2017/2019). In his second book, Unleashing Your Hero (Harper Collins Leadership/Nov 2021), Kevin shares how the heroes who transformed his life are people just like you. People who were willing to use their gifts and abilities to serve others at a high level. This book is a guide to help everyday people discover and unleash their hero at work and in life.

Kevin has received numerous honors, including being named one of the ‘Top 10 Keynote Speakers of 2021’ by SpeakInc; one of the ‘Top 41 Motivational Speakers Who Can Energize Any Sales Team’ by ResourcefulSelling; among the ‘Top Customer Service Speakers’ by Eagles Talent Speakers Bureau; one of the ‘Best Keynote Speakers of 2019’ by NorthStar Meetings Group; and an elite and in-demand ‘Gold Star Speaker’ by GDA Speakers.

Kevin entertains, inspires, and challenges people to show up every day and make a positive difference at work and in life!

Kevin Brown
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Kevin Brown
Featured Keynote Programs

The Hero Effect
Being your best when it matters the most!

In a fresh and entertaining style, Kevin shares ideas, strategies and principles that will inspire and equip participants to show up every day and make a positive difference. At the heart of Kevin’s message is a simple, yet powerful philosophy for life that drives every thought, every action and ultimately every result we achieve both personally and professionally. Your team will be motivated to reach beyond what is required and do something remarkable!

This program is designed to help participants:
• Achieve greater results by eliminating “ordinary" thinking and mastering the habit of excellence.
• Own the moments that matter (and they all matter) by taking responsibility for their attitude, their actions and their results.
• Create meaningful relationships and deliver an extraordinary experience for every “customer” at work and at home.

Key themes:
Heroes Help People...with NO STRINGS ATTACHED! They go “all in” every time they take the field. They understand that in business and in life it’s always personal and never perfect. Heroes create strong connections and reach beyond the borders of transactional thinking to create transformational moments!

Heroes Create an Exceptional Experience: The HERO’s calling card is pure excellence. It’s about using their talents, gifts and abilities to their fullest potential and highest purpose. The HERO uses the best of who they are to serve more people, more often, in bigger and better ways. The HERO is committed to personal development and shows up better today than they were yesterday. Heroes build trust by serving others with an authentic passion that turns everyday moments into superhuman experiences. The HERO is driven to serve others and understands that the greatest rewards in life are determined by how well we take care of the people we live and do business with.

Heroes Take Responsibility: HEROES own the moments that matter! They are actively present and engaged and do not believe in random acts of kindness. The HERO is motivated instead by intentional acts of difference making. They live by a simple code; “bring your best stuff to the present moment and pour it into the lives of others.” They understand that before you can lead anyone else, you must first be able to lead yourself. The HERO owns their attitude, their actions and their results. They are committed to the best possible outcome in every situation regardless of circumstances or events beyond their control. The HERO leads by example and knows that true success is found in the power of simple choices.

Heroes Live and Work with Optimism: HEROES see the world differently. For them, it’s not about positive thinking, it’s about perspective. Looking through the lens of optimism gives the HERO supernatural vision. They see what others cannot. They see opportunities instead of obstacles – possibilities instead of problems. When things go wrong...and they will, optimism is what helps the HERO turn life’s messes into a masterpiece.

In his signature style, Kevin uses real-life stories and examples combined with rich content and humor to drive home The HERO Effect principles and ideas. This program delivers actionable ideas that every leader can implement immediately to begin creating a culture of excellence at every level in their organization.

IDEAL AUDIENCE: This message is applicable to all industries as well as all employees and people no matter their position in the organization or life. Kevin customizes his stories and deliverables based on his audience’s profile. (Ask us for a copy of the leadership version of The Hero Effect® Keynote)
FORMAT: 60 to 75 minute keynote; can be followed by a 60 to 90 minute “deep dive” into the actionable ideas shared during the keynote.

"Kevin, like world-class organizations, draws you in and leaves you wanting more. He doesn't just talk about The Hero Effect®, he lives it."
— Troy Peple CEO, Accelerent

Virtual Presentations

Conquering Kryptonite
Overcoming what holds us back and bridging the gap between where we are and becoming world-class in all that we do. In his signature style, Kevin Brown weaves a tapestry of humor, emotions, and solid takeaways that can impact your results at work and in life. Now is the time to use your hero powers to kick fear in the face and breakthrough to the next level both personally and professionally.

The ART of a Hero’s Story
How to design, develop, and deliver a powerful message that engages and energizes your teams to be Action Heroes for the people they serve and serve with. Every leader should have a COVID-19 story coming out of this pandemic. From tagline to through-line, storytelling is the great difference-maker in business and in life. High-performance people have built their brands and their influence with the power of a compelling message. What is your story and how do you craft it?

The Ultimate Sales Hero
Now is a time to serve not how being a servant in your relationships will help with actual selling. What is the appropriate way to prospect and pick up the sales conversation with clients? In a crisis, we learn where the weaknesses are in our business and our relationships. It’s time to shore up both.

Unleashing Your Hero – Rise Above Any Challenge, Expand Your Impact and Be the Hero the World Needs

In this prequel to The Hero Effect, Kevin shares real-life stories of how his heroes are people just like you. Now more than ever, the world needs heroes who can rise above life’s challenges and deliver hope in the midst of life’s most challenging moments. Those who are willing to harness the powers of resilience, creativity, and accountability to deliver world-class results to the people they serve and serve with.

Kevin Brown
Featured Book

Unleashing Your Heroby Kevin Brown

Unleashing Your Hero

by Kevin Brown

Develop, expand, and share your gifts as a leader to inspire others to use their own individual talents in extraordinary ways--from one of the country's most sought-after motivational speakers with a 30+ year career in franchise development.

In Unleashing Your Hero, renowned speaker Kevin Brown shares how the heroes who transformed his life are people just like you. People who stepped up and used their talents to make a positive difference within the hectic moments of everyday life. The same person your employees are looking to and trusting in for guidance and support.

Through his real-life examples and stories, Kevin will:

  • Provide you with a new definition of what it means to be a hero who inspires others to rise above and beyond in extraordinary ways.
  • Unpack the four characteristics of a hero, based on the entertaining and enlightening true stories of heroes who entered and forever enriched his life.
  • Help you recognize the extraordinary gifts within you and learn how to share those gifts to make life better for yourself and those you influence.

The unconventional yet probable path to business and personal success outlined in Unleashing Your Hero will help you and those you lead build extraordinary, fulfilling, impactful lives--at a time when your employees and your organization need the hero within you more than ever.

Kevin Brown
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Kevin Brown
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