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Kathy Varol

Purpose Strategy Expert, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) & ESG Consultant

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Kathy Varol

Kathy is a Purpose Strategy Expert. She created the Global Purpose strategy for adidas, a 22 billion dollar global company, encompassing everything the brand does to positively impact people and planet, including:

A holistic sustainability strategy that further established adidas as a leader in retail sustainability, and inspired an army of loyal brand advocates to join a movement to end plastic waste.

An impactful social equality strategy that provided access to sport for girls around the globe, developed new products, and initiated bold corporate actions to stand against inequality (including equal bonus pay for Women's World Cup winners, and supporting the fight for racial justice in the USA).

A progressive Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) strategy that fostered a culture of inclusion, collaboration, and continuous improvement with internal processes, metrics, and accountability.

This Global Purpose strategy created impact. A thorough assessment by S&P in 2021 awarded adidas an ESG score of 85, placing the company among the top ten rated by S&P Global Ratings.

Kathy started her career as a bright-eyed idealist, joining the Peace Corps straight out of college. Along her journey, the idealist combined with her inner strategist, creating a catalyst for good. Now Kathy has 20 years of experience in brand marketing, strategy, and impact, working at established brands like adidas, MillerCoors, and Microsoft.

Kathy is a sought-after speaker, Purpose Strategy Expert, and CSR & ESG consultant who has spoken and led workshops around the globe. She shares her knowledge with audiences on how to embed a purpose into their company in order to transform their culture, their business, and impact the world.

Kathy Varol
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Speaking Reel
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Drive Profit With Purpose. Become Remarkable.
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Unlock Exponential Results By Nurturing Purpose, People, And Culture
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Creating An Effective ESG Strategy From Zero To Execution
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Kathy Varol
Featured Keynote Programs

Drive Profit With Purpose. Become Remarkable. Accelerate Growth.

How do you stand out in an increasingly competitive marketplace? How do you attract top talent? How do you increase profitability?

You do something remarkable. Purpose makes brands remarkable.

​As consumers, we're putting our dollars toward companies with aligned values. 85% of millennials in the United States would switch brands for a good cause, and 50% of growth in consumer goods went to sustainability marketed products between 2013 and 2018.

As employees, we’re looking for meaning in our careers, and the best talent is choosing to work for organizations that feed their hearts as well as their bank accounts. 92% of millennials believe that working for an environmentally and socially responsible company is important.

In the modern world, companies without a purpose beyond profit will be left behind. You can either be a pioneering force for good in your industry, or the disrupted.

Kathy built the global purpose strategy for adidas, a 22 billion dollar company, encompassing everything adidas does to positively impact people and planet. Through trial and error, Kathy has learned what works, and what doesn't.

Through her work, a model emerged.

A way to successfully use purpose to drive profit.

In the Drive Profit with Purpose keynote, Kathy will reveal her 4-step Brand Purpose Model to engage your organization, inspire innovation, and win the hearts of your consumers.

You Will Learn:
7 common mistakes in creating a purpose-led organization
Why a corporate social responsibility department won't get you the impact - or the credit - you want
How to get the best talent knocking on your door and have the most engaged employees
Why doing good is the magic bullet to get the most powerful form of advertising (for free!)

This Keynote Is Perfect For Leaders And Companies:
Competing in a crowded market
Creating differentiation through marketing, ingredients, and/or process
Struggling with a talent shortage, high turnover, and/or high employee disengagement
Looking to accelerate growth and increase ROI (in a sustainable way)​
Ready to unlock the innovative brain power of their employees

How to Harness The Superpower of Diversity to Create An Innovative Culture

Diversity is one of the most vital qualities for organizations that want to lead their industries.

Research shows that diversity can promote problem-solving and innovation. Culturally and ethnically diverse companies are more likely to outperform their competitors by 33%; highly diverse teams are 13 times more likely to have engaged employees; and companies with above-average diversity have 19% higher innovation revenues.

Unfortunately, most businesses unintentionally create barriers to collaboration and stifle the innovation potential they have waiting to be unleashed across their workforce. They incentivize groupthink, and constrain the power of diversity - the superpower of their workforce.

In this keynote, Kathy will reveal how business leaders can harness the superpower of their diverse workforce to create an innovative culture.

You Will Learn:
How adidas leveraged the entire North American team to innovate a turnaround for their running business
The most common unintentional barriers to collaboration and creativity (and how you can remove them)
How most modern workplaces stifle cognitive diversity and undermine creativity
How to promote sharing of unique viewpoints and avoid groupthink
Why the trickiest problems are often solved by outsiders to the field

This Keynote Is Perfect For Leaders And Companies:
Struggling to foster collaboration across company silos and departments
Running into groupthink and “yes men” cultural conformity
Using the old playbook year after year, and no longer getting the same ROI
Know they could do more to cultivate a culture where their talented and diverse employees can shine

Unlock Exponential Results by Nurturing Purpose, People and Culture

Data clearly shows that businesses that nurture their purpose, people, and culture unlock exponential results: engaged employees, loyal consumers, increased innovation, and accelerated growth.

In this keynote through captivating business stories, Kathy will share why shifting the focus from your output (revenue) to your inputs (purpose, people, and culture) will drive better results. Kathy will also share concrete strategies you use right away to nurture each of these business inputs.

In the keynote you will learn:
An important lesson business can learn from the best performing athletes
The toxic beliefs that have infected workplace cultures (and how to shift them)
How the world’s most loved companies use purpose to cultivate enviable consumer loyalty (and how you can too)
Unconventional ways to innovate your talent pipeline and increase diversity
The secret to creating a culture of collaboration, innovation, and continuous improvement

This Keynote Is Perfect For Leaders And Companies:
Competing in an increasingly crowded market and struggling to stand out
Experiencing high turnover, and/or high employee disengagement
Struggling to foster collaboration across company silos and departments
Running into groupthink and “yes men” cultural conformity

Creating an Effective ESG Strategy
from Zero to Execution

Will your company be able to survive images of your product prominently floating in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch on news segments highlighting environmental devastation?

Will your company be able to stay rooted in fossil fuels when the world has moved on to renewable energy?

Will anyone still choose you when your competitor innovates a zero-waste approach that employees are rallied around and consumers feel good about?

An effective ESG strategy future-proofs the business strategy.

From 2011 to 2018, the proportion of S&P 500 companies reporting on their sustainability efforts, corporate social responsibility activities, and ESG performance increased from just under 20% to 86%.

ESG has become an expected way of operating, and you don't want to get left behind. But most business leaders don’t know where to start and lack a clear approach to help guide them.

This is understandable. The ESG ecosystem is complex. Currently, there are over 600 ESG ratings and rankings systems globally. It’s no surprise ESG can feel overwhelming.

In Kathy’s Creating an Effective ESG Strategy keynote, she will share her 4-step process that will enable you to create an effective ESG strategy, establish a continuous improvement process, and set-up transparent reporting.

You Will learn:
Why an effective ESG strategy can help your company become a trusted leader in your industry
How to determine which ESG topics (and metrics) are the right ones for your business
How to establish a symbiotic relationship between your ESG strategy and a business-integrated purpose
The secret to achieving seemingly impossible ESG moonshots

Kathy Varol
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Kathy Varol

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