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Dan Thurmon


Dan Thurmon is the founder and President of Motivation Works, Inc, a company that helps leaders and their organizations move confidently through change and transformation, so they become, achieve, and contribute MORE.

His clients include Bank of America, Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, Honeywell, Johnson & Johnson, Kraft, Marriott, Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, Prudential, State Farm, and Walmart.

Dan is an expert speaker and performer. He’s delivered thousands of presentations across six continents for audiences including world leaders, Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurs, educators, and even troops on the front lines of battle in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In 2011, he was inducted into the prestigious Speaker Hall of Fame -- and is one of fewer than 200 living speakers to have received this honor.

Dan has served as the President of the National Speakers Association. During his tenure, he led the Board of Directors and the 3,000+ member organization through a critical transformation, which included new governance; new mission, vision, and values; higher member value; and greater financial accountability.

He is also a writer and content producer. He’s authored two books: Success in Action and Off Balance On Purpose.

Along with his speeches and books, Dan produces an ongoing, weekly video-coaching series and podcast in which he shares leadership principles and life-enhancement strategies in under three minutes.

Dan and his teenage daughter, Maggie, have become social media sensations on TikTok. Several of their videos have been viewed more than 30 million times, and their personal channel has well over a million subscribers. Maggie and Dan’s creative and enthusiastic content resonates strongly with an audience that spans the world.

Dan built his first company, a live entertainment firm, in the late 1980s as a means of financing his education at the University of Georgia. There, he received his degree in Business. In the mid-1990s, Dan changed his firm’s focus, from live entertainment to corporate education, so he could more fully use his knowledge about peak performance and help businesses succeed at a much higher level.

He is a health and fitness advocate. In his 50s, Dan continues to train and perform advanced acrobatics and enjoys hobbies such as golf, mountain unicycling, and the flying trapeze.

Dan Thurmon
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What Happens When You Lean Into Uncertainty
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Dan Thurmon
Featured Keynote Programs

Off Balance on Purpose in Practice

The incredible challenges of COVID have impacted every aspect of how we live and how we work. It's now crystal clear that there isn't a "work life" and a "home life." You get ONE life, and improvement starts with handling what matters most.

Dan Thurmon believes we set ourselves up for failure trying to "compartmentalize life" or "achieve balance." Balance isn't what you get. It's what you DO. When we recognize what's necessary and initiate meaningful changes, you are living Off Balance On Purpose. You are also more successful, productive, and fulfilled.

This keynote will help you embrace lifelong learning and stretch into the next opportunity, leveraging your past experience into present action and future success. Dan amplifies his messages with exciting stunts and interaction, making the learning memorable. Your audience will talk about this presentation for years to come!

As a result of attending this program attendees will:

  • Know how to act with confidence, even when it's uncomfortable.
  • Have a model to align personal growth to professional excellence.
  • Feel more excited and optimistic about what's to come, and their role in making it happen.

Off Balance On Purpose In Practice

It's one thing to leave a keynote energized and inspired. It's SO much more valuable, however, to IMMEDIATELY take action upon the inspiration! This powerful workshop helps attendees activate what they learned, leverage their newfound inspiration, and design improvement in their lives right away.

Each attendee receives a workbook that becomes their personal blueprint for growth. Participants will be equipped better to integrate improvement into all aspects of their life, unlocking greater potential, capacity, and unique contribution.  Enhancing personal performance IS the new corporate strategy. Adding this workshop to Dan’s keynote on the same day will reinforce and solidify this year's goals for your organization. It will also equip a team to better align work and life.

Positive CHAOS

What if CHAOS isn’t a bad thing? How can you harness constant change into a force for growth and opportunity? In his new keynote presentation, Dan Thurmon, author of Off Balance On Purpose, teaches how to excel in uncertainty and take confident action right now to create amplified, desirable future outcomes. Gain insights and tools to transform your C.H.A.O.S. from “Challenging, Hectic, Anxious, Overwhelming Stress” into “Challenging, Healthy, Aspirational, Ongoing Symmetry.” Learn to see clear patterns in what now appears random, and take intentional action to shape them for your benefit!

Attendees will be able to:
• Understand and use the principles of Chaos Theory in order to take more confident action during uncertain times.

• Identify existing patterns within seemingly random or unpredictable events, or within consistent recurring similar situations and obstacles.

• Shape those patterns more intentionally to create dramatically better future results.

Of course, Dan delivers this keynote with the added IMPACT of his signature acrobatic and interactive elements, so that it will be one of the most talked about, memorable experiences of your conference.

Bottom line: Your people will be more confident and comfortable in the midst of change. They will be more resourceful and precise with their ability to succeed and lead others.

Virtual Presentation

Leading Others Through Change

COVID19 has forced many organizations to face massive change - to be off-balance. Energy has suffered, productivity has decreased and team members have felt stuck. During this live, virtual presentation, Dan Thurmon provides a shift in thinking plus strategies to transform the current disruption into your biggest opportunity for growth - to put you back on purpose. He will also teach a very different and effective model for integrating your work and your life so that you can be more fulfilled personally while you succeed professionally.

Coming to you from his broadcasting studio, Dan incorporates different sets for strategic learning - he integrates live stunts, acrobatics, and yes knife throwing to enhance your team's engagement - and he encourages real-time interaction through comments, questions, and surveys.

The beauty of this virtual session is that it doesn’t have to fit a specific format. It can be designed for what works BEST for you. Consider Dan's studio as your playground, your classroom, and your virtual world of possibilities where together we create virtual programs that help your team navigate through uncertainty, increase confidence, and drive results!

Virtual Experience Options
60 Minute Session
From Dan's full broadcasting studio, this virtual session offers a dynamic online keynote experience. With multiple cameras, audience interaction, live stunts, acrobatics and yes knife throwing, Dan creates an impactful presentation that goes way beyond a typical virtual session.

90 Minute Workshop
The "Off Balance On Purpose In Practice Workshop" harnesses your team's potential and creates accountable plans of action. This unique workshop focuses on:

• Ownership of goals and future results.
• Growth opportunities in every aspect of life.
• Mindset shift from scarcity to abundance.
• Realizing greatness.
• Connecting to what matters most.
• Developing a plan.

Dan's Studio
Dan's virtual sessions come to you from his own fully designed broadcasting studio. This ensures that the great energy and engagement from his live stage events are recreated in his high impact online experiences.

• Sound-Proofed Broadcasting Studio
• 5 Camera Angles via Blackmagic Switcher
• Professional Studio Lighting
• High Quality Audio Through Professional Soundboard
• 3 Different Sets - The Classroom, The Library, The Workout Room
• A Live Camera Operator AND A Live Moderator Will Assist in Managing Each Virtual Experience

Dan Thurmon
Featured Books

Positive Chaosby Dan Thurmon

Positive Chaos

by Dan Thurmon

Harness the transformative power of chaos

When you are facing exponential change or uncertainty at work or at home, it can seem unique to you and overwhelming, but the truth about chaos is that it isn’t personal, and it doesn’t have to be negative.

In Positive Chaos, award-winning keynote speaker, author, and executive coach Dan Thurmon helps you better understand the true nature of chaos, including the positive aspects that you can harness to learn, grow, and excel. Using illuminating findings from a first-of-its-kind study, 2022 State of Chaos in the Workplace, Thurmon reveals the current impact of chaos experienced by the workforce and shares effective strategies and leadership attributes for succeeding in chaotic times. From discovering how credibility stems from vulnerability, to why being honest about what you don’t yet know can empower others to feel more confident and capable of contributing, you will learn how to improve yourself while becoming a better leader.

Chaos does not have to be confusing or debilitating. You can reach new goals, grow, and make meaningful contributions in life and in business even in the throes of change and unpredictability. Positive Chaos will help you to learn to understand and embrace chaos, rise above the noise, and be truly proactive, helpful, and fulfilled

Off Balance on Purpose: Embrace Uncertainty and Create a Life You Loveby Dan Thurmon

Off Balance on Purpose: Embrace Uncertainty and Create a Life You Love

by Dan Thurmon

Every day, we are inundated with messages about the importance of finding ''balance'' in our lives. How does this make us feel? Overwhelmed, out of touch, and unfulfilled. The problem isn't us--it's the message. Perfect balance is unachievable and, upon closer inspection, undesirable. The perpetual quest for balance ends up limiting growth, progress, and the quality of life.

In Off Balance On Purpose, Dan Thurmon frees you from the ''balance'' dilemma and empowers you to adopt a new approach to creating a happy, fulfilling life: embrace reality, get aligned with your purpose, lean forward, and initiate positive changes. These steps will give you the knowledge, strength, and motivation to

  • Accept and take advantage of the contradictions in your daily life
  • Integrate the five vital areas of life--work, relationships, health, spiritual growth, and personal interests--into a workable, fluid, sustaining pattern
  • Adopt a practical, concrete process for orchestrating changes and staying aligned with your purpose

With an engaging style and a storyteller's gift, Thurmon combines profound insight, humor, compassion, and practical examples to offer you a realistic path towards a rich and rewarding life.

Praise for Off Balance On Purpose:
''Dan Thurmon is a masterful performer and communicator. His book is a classic, providing great advice to help you simultaneously fuel your work life, your family life, and your personal life. Read it now!''
--Jeffrey Gitomer, New York Times bestselling author of Little Gold Book of YES! Attitude and Little Red Book of Selling

''Dan Thurmon is right on. Any important endeavor will sometimes take you off balance in order to learn or grow. This book shows you how to do that while staying connected to the most important aspects of life.''
--Chris Widener, New York Times bestselling author of The Angel Inside and The Art of Influence

''Dan offers an extremely refreshing perspective and innovative approach on how to deal with life's many challenges. His inspiring philosophy will help propel many individuals and organizations to new heights!''
--Dr. John Affleck Graves, executive vice president, University of Notre Dame

''An inspiring and illuminating work. This book delivers clarity about how to integrate pursuits related to work, relationships, health, spiritual growth, and personal interests in new and powerful ways. Dan Thurmon is a master at motivation and education.''
--Dr. Nido Qubein, president, High Point University, chairman, Great Harvest Bread Co.

''Refreshing, thoughtful, and practical! In the effort to find 'balance' in our lives, we more often find increased stress, guilt, and regret. This book will free you from that burden and provide a more fun, less stressful, and more meaningful path to fulfillment.''
--Mimi Taylor, vice president and CIO, Baptist Health

Dan Thurmon
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Dan Thurmon
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