Big Tests - Methods and Motivation

How do you do what's necessary and prepare for big moments when you're just not feeling it? I'm in New Orleans talking methods and motivation.



How do you do what's necessary and prepare for big moments when you're just not feeling it? We're in New Orleans, talking about methods and motivation.

This week's question comes from Issy, who asks, "How do I get motivated and manage studying for finals?" Great question, Issy, and very relatable. All of us struggle at times to do what's required, whether it's preparing for a big moment, or in other grinds of life and work, which is honestly, a huge part of living! So, let's talk about both parts of your question - methods and motivation.

First, the motivation. Nobody can make you do it. You need to find a reason you choose to do it. If out of obligation, you'll do it grudgingly, and probably poorly, because your heart's not really in it. If, however, you see this as a chance to build your resolve and tenacity, not just for this test, but for future bigger ones, then you'll see there's a self-serving reason. Throughout your life, you'll either lean into challenges or back away from them. Who do you want to be?

As for methods, I'd suggest starting with smaller chunks of time you can really commit to. Break it down and break it into sections, between which you can reenergize with music, movement, or other mini-rewards.

Talk to someone who is passionate about this subject, and see if you can borrow their perspective to expand yours. Or possibly even work together with someone, provided they won't distract you or slow you down.

Realize this self imposed stress is temporary. You're not just learning information. You're learning how to hack your brain to attack a tough challenge, and there's a method that works particularly well for you. Find it, so you can use it for the rest of your life!

Lastly, and this is for all of us. Get a good night's rest before big tests. The idea of cramming and the all-nighter rarely plays out well. Focused preparation, as much as you can mange, plus a fresh, well-fed brain beats those sleep deprived hours of monotony. Go in curious and relaxed, and just do your best because, I promise you, this is not your final exam. You got this Issy! And until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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