Scott Mautz | Electrify your audience with a former senior Procter & Gamble executive, award-winning author, and faculty at Indiana University’s School of Business for Exec. Ed.

Scott Mautz

Electrify your audience with a former senior Procter & Gamble executive, award-winning author, and faculty at Indiana University’s School of Business for Exec. Ed.

Scott Mautz
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Leading Brilliantly as a Middle Manager

No group has a bigger impact on transforming an organization than those who must lead from the middle of that organization. The skillset and mindset required to lead in all directions - up to the boss, down to employees, and across to peers - is like no other challenge in leadership. The keynote draws from research with thousands of successful middle managers to teach the unique challenges to overcome, as well as the skillset and mindset required to succeed.

*Alternate title: Increase Your Influence – If you don’t want the focus to be on the middle managers in your organization per se, we can make the focus all about how any employee can increase their influence in the organization, up to the boss, down to employees, and across to peers.

The Secret to High-Performing Organizations

This keynote reveals that the secret to the highest-performing organizations is a workforce deeply motivated by leaders adept at fostering meaning both in and at work. Research is shared that shows meaning is the motivator of our times, then the audience is introduced to “The Markers of Meaning”– specific conditions the leader can foster that create meaning in and at work: working with a sense of purpose and autonomy, fueling learning and personal growth, creating a sense of competency and self-esteem, working with a sense of autonomy and influence, and working in a caring environment.

How to Leave a Legacy at Work
and in Life

Is your organization in a pivotal moment where it faces big goals and needs everyone fired up to deliver? This keynote inspires the audience to understand that they are indeed in a pivotal moment (if they choose to see it that way) and to think of the legacy they want to leave behind at work, and in life. They then learn about The Footprints of Legacy – the manners in which we humans tend to leave a lasting impact behind (whether or not we realize it): via enduring results, the transfer of knowledge, passing on values, relationships and lives touched, and through stories told about you. The audience then goes through a “double-click” on how, step-by-step, to leave a legacy of enduring results at work and how to create their own legacy statement.

Flourishing In Change

Change can galvanize or paralyze a company and its employees. This keynote teaches that the key to thriving (not just surviving) in change is to embrace the fundamental Change Choice (will you see change as happening to you or for you), to adopt the Change Curve (how human beings process change), and to learn how to overcome the Core Challenges of Change (including discomfort with the unknown and fear of failure, will to persevere falters, and getting stuck in old, unhelpful narratives). The audience walks away with a complete plan for successfully navigating change.

Fuel the Fire
Maximize Your Momentum

Your business has some momentum – and you’d like to keep it that way (and fuel it further). That means you must overcome a specific set of forces that are proven to slowly drain a sense of inspiration from your workforce, causing a loss of momentum, known as The Anti-Muses. The Anti-Muses are: fear of failure/criticism, change fatigue, perseverance faltering, disempowering inner-dialogue, undervaluing values, and operating in a callous vs. caring environment. This keynote teaches how to overcome the Anti-Muses to fully reignite the sense of inspiration and productivity felt at work (and in life).

The Feel of World-Class Teams

Looking to build a tight-knit, high-achieving, world-class team? It comes down to how membership on that team makes you feel (i.e. the team norms and the psychological and behavioral vibe present). In this keynote, the audience learns how they can foster their own super-team by understanding and acting on the 5 most common and powerful sentiments that research shows tight-knit, top-achieving teams feel:

• The ability to make an impact (including clarity of expectations/open communication)
• Comfort with uncertainty/risk-taking (including change)
• No fear of failure (self-confidence flourishes)
• A caring culture
• The will to persevere

Becoming Mentally Stronger

Mental strength has become THE leadership superpower of our times; i.e. the ability to self-regulate your emotions, thoughts, and behaviors to achieve exceptional outcomes, despite circumstances. In this compelling keynote, the audience is introduced to this researched-backed insight, and the fact that mental strength is comprised of six “mental muscles,” six areas/tests of leadership that most directly correlate with exceptional achievement. These same areas require self-regulation skills to navigate them effectively:

• Fortitude 
• Decision-making
• Confidence 
• Goal-focus
• Boldness 
• Messaging (sending the right messages of positivity/intent

The audience comes to understand it’s about managing internally, so you can lead better externally (professionally and personally), and are emotionally and intellectually engaged in how to do so. Multiple tools are introduced throughout the keynote to inspire and equip the audience to become mentally stronger.

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