Mike Lipkin Bio

Mike Lipkin is Canada's pre-eminent speaker.

Every year he conducts more seminars, workshops, focus groups, sales meetings, and corporate off-sites than any other speaker. In 2007, he spoke to over one hundred thousand people in nineteen countries and delivered 185 programs internationally; almost every working day, excluding public holidays and travel days, he was talking to an audience somewhere on the planet. Mike knows meetings. In fact, his life is one long conversation.

Mike is president of Environics/Lipkin, the motivation and sales empowerment practice of Environics Research Group-- one of Canada's leading research houses. The distinctions that he has gathered from talking to a million people in forty-three countries, combined with the insights from the celebrated Environics social values research, is how he offers his clients the best of all worlds: a delicious cocktail of ideas, principles, and observations that will help you achieve preeminence one conversation at a time.

Mike has authored four best-selling books. His newest book, One Life, One Meeting, was published in March.