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Michael Bergdahl
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Current: High Expectations Are The Key To Everything

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Change/ Challenge/ Choice

Competition with manufacturers from countries like China and India is brutal. The manufacturing world as you’ve known it has changed and you and your team must be willing to Change also, if you intend to survive. The Challenge for manufacturers of products is what to do to re-level the playing field. In order to succeed you and your team must make the Choice do what’s necessary to reinvent your business, and the way people think, to remain successful.
The fact is that competition is more difficult than ever before. Those who are used to simply picking up the fruit of their labors right off the ground or from the branches within closest reach are finding that success today requires that people stretch and even climb up into the branches to gather the highest hanging fruit to succeed. Unfortunately, Change is always hard for people, which adds to the Challenge faced by organizations forced to make the Choice to reinvent their business in order to compete, survive and thrive in this complex and competitive world. As you think about global competition think about these quotes:

In this speech, Change/Challenge/Choice, Bergdahl will discuss the following strategies:
• Get Efficient - you’re going to need to produce more with less people.
• Benchmark Best Practices – seek out the ideas used by other manufacturers
• Innovate – grow revenue by getting creative with products, services and service enhancements, technology, strategy and tactics. Brainstorm new ideas – new markets, services, bundling products, delivery, in-sourcing.

• Continuously Improve – empower people to improve every area of your operation
• Increase Productivity – improve “internal and external” customer service
• Control Expenses - teach everyone in your organization to manage costs
• Continuously Learn – learn from and imitate the success of others
• Leverage People – tap into the creativity of your own people and change the way they think, focus everyone on your brand and a common agenda - “Your people make the difference.”
• Focus on your Competencies – play to your strengths and shore up your weaknesses
• Customer Partnerships – become the supplier of choice, by asking your customers what kind of products and services they need, when they need them and what you can do to partner with them.

Picking Wal-Mart's POCKETS

Picking Wal-Mart’s “POCKETS”
In this speech, using the acronym “ P.O.C.K.E.T.S.”, which stands for Price, Operations, Culture, Key Item Promotion, Expenses, Talent and Service, Michael Bergdahl describes several effective strategies competitors can and have used to counteract the inevitable pressure created by “big box” retailers. Finding Your niche in the market or “POCKET” is the key to Your survival! The key is to avoid the temptation to compete on price. You’ve got to make the commitment to differentiate yourself by finding your unique niche or pocket. Audience members will learn techniques other companies have used to compete, survive and thrive in a Wal-Mart World! Bergdahl also reviews a checklist of success strategies and tactics others can implement immediately. This speech is designed around Bergdahl's book, What I Learned From Sam Walton, How to Compete & Thrive in a Wal-Mart World.

The 10 Rules of Sam Walton

The 10 Rules of Sam Walton
Do you want to achieve greater levels of success in your personal and professional life? The answer of course is everyone does. In Michael Bergdahl's forthcoming book called, The 10 Rules of Sam Walton: Success Secrets for Remarkable Results he shares the success secrets of the world's most successful entrepreneur. In this speech, he will discuss Sam Walton's self professed ten rules for success which Mr. Sam embraced as he grew Wal-Mart from a single site to a 5000 store global enterprise. Audience members will take away success strategies they can use in both their personal and professional life.
Here are Sam Walton's 10 Success Secrets:
Rule #1: COMMIT to achieving success and always be passionate
Rule #2: SHARE your success with those who have helped you
Rule #3: MOTIVATE yourself and others to achieve your dreams
Rule #4: COMMUNICATE with people and show you care
Rule #5: APPRECIATE and recognize people for their effort and results
Rule #6: CELEBRATE your own and other’s accomplishments
Rule #7: LISTEN to others and learn from their ideas
Rule #8: EXCEED the expectations of others by setting high standards
Rule #9: CONTROL your expenses and save your way to prosperity
Rule #10: SWIM UPSTREAM, be different, and challenge the status quo

High Expectations Are The Key To Everything

This speech is designed to help audience members achieve their goals in life! Using a seven-step success strategy, loaded with content, his agenda walks audience members through a step by step model designed to reinforce the importance of “taking charge of your own life” and “controlling your own destiny”. He discusses the answers to several important questions: Why do some people always seem to land on their feet, while others fall down crippled under the weight of life’s obstacles? Why does one average person experience great success in life, while a similar average person achieves just ordinary results. When we see our peers, who have similar capabilities, getting promoted, we often wonder why them and not me? The most important question of all is: Why not you?

In this speech, Michael Bergdahl, a seasoned corporate executive with 25 years of HR experience, will answer these questions. Using a combination of “vivid, personal, inspirational stories” and “actual work-related examples” from his career working as an HR Executive for three Fortune 500 companies (PepsiCo, Walmart & Waste Management), he will discuss how high expectations really are the key to everything.

Speech Agenda:
- Create a Personal Strategy
- Control Your Own Destiny
- Choose to Make a Difference
- Overcome Your Fears
- Trust in Your Own Ability
- Avoid the Naysayers
- Believe the Best is Yet to Come

Michael Bergdahl
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Michael Bergdahl

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