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John DiJulius Text Reviews

John tailors and makes the presentation just for your organization. He is high energy. John gives you actionable, relevant information to continue your mission. He is the best in the business!
Cheri Rutledge - Marriott
John relates an amazing amount of practical real world examples that can be applied in your efforts to launch a customer service revolution in your business as I have in my direct work with John.
Michael Coburn - Head of Customer Facing Supply Chain - Nestle
John was energetic and connected with our audience. Real life, practical ideas were delivered. John nailed it and made me look great!!! Thanks for everything DiJulius team.
Gordon McCance - MasterBrand Cabinets, Inc.
I like what John did to personalize content to our group. I've sat in on this twice now and learn something new each time. I realize that this message applies to every aspect of my life, and not just the business side, maybe then I will finally realize it was the best speech ever.
Paul Rousseau - Sr. Manager Marketing - Bausch & Lomb
Great energy, insightful analogies, on point topic and relevance. I wish we could have more time with him.
Manuel Deisen - The Ritz-Carlton
I like that John uses many resources to drive his key ideas home (videos, stories, other companies). It creates variety, keeps the learner engaged and shows he has done the work. John does a phenomenal job delivering and sharing his passion for customer service and that's why I keep bringing him back.
Marlo Boyle - Senior Education Planner - Aveda
John's energy and passion for service are legendary and totally come through. I liked the way that John was able to answer a question and then circle back to it again later to provide a deeper answer. Great work!
Lee Prosenjak - EO - Entrepreneurs' Organization