Byrd Baggett CSP

Byrd Baggett CSP

Byrd Baggett & Mother Nature, the natural choice for personal and professional development.

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Nashville, Tennessee, United States
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Byrd Baggett has been helping organizations develop authentic leaders and passionately engaged teams since 1990. His corporate experience includes sales and management careers with two Fortune 500 companies. He is the creator of the True Growth brand and a partner in the world-class True Growth Academy leader development experience that has served more than 2,000 governmental, civilian and military leaders since 2007. HIs messages are based on the True Growth Model of personal and professional ...

While you had a very positive impact on me, what I was more impressed with was your impact on our conference. After you were finished with your presentation, I just felt the crowd rushing you to get more . . . really indescribable.

Joe Collins, Senior VP - TIB Mortgage

What you accomplished is beyond the reach of your peers. Thanks to you, we at Protective Life have a renewed sense of purpose and a developing vision on what it takes to become effective leaders.

Dave Keyes - Protective Life Corporation

Your strategies helped our management team improve employee satisfaction during a very difficult period. In the six months following your presentation, employee satisfaction improved by 25%.

Frank Baggett - Prudential Insurance

Throughout your message, which you tailored to focus on the topics of professionalism and integrity, you demonstrated a unique ability to bring enthusiasm, information, and passion together in a very positive learning experience.

Dan Krueger - Farmers Insurance

I read your books and have never had a better outlook on my career. I am amazed at the number of sales that have landed in my lap because of the seemingly small changes that I have made by reading, thinking, and repeating your words to people.

Dave Flifet - Aflac

I have become a better husband, father, friend, and leader of my business from listening to you speak. I have heard many great speakers like Norman Schwarzkopf, Magic Johnson, and Zig Ziglar, but I can honestly say that you are the best.

Andy Malone - Farmers Insurance
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