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December 09, 2013
Former CIA Officer Discusses Movie Role
By Tony & Jonna Mendez
Written by Scott Neumyer If you're a fan of the 2012 Academy Award Best Picture winner Argo, then you probably know the name Tony Mendez. Portrayed by Ben Affleck in the film, Mendez is the CIA ...
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December 05, 2013
Tips on Getting the Most out of Gift Cards
By Michelle Singletary
I get a lot of gift cards, and I bet you do, too. Since it's often hard to buy for people, our friends and relatives have resorted to giving us these cards. Once seen as the lazy person's ...
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December 03, 2013
Scott MacIntyre's Christmas Album is a Success
By Scott MacIntyre
Reviewed by Markos Papadatos Scott MacIntyre, an alum of the reality singing competition "American Idol," released his holiday album "Christmas in Paris," on November 19.It commences with ...
December 03, 2013
Author Glenn Beck shares incredible story of wartime bravery
By Glenn Beck
Radio host Glenn Beck shared Wednesday an incredible story of wartime bravery and charity - and you've probably never heard of it.The story, dating back to the American Civil War, ...
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November 25, 2013
Former Secret Service Agent Discusses New Book
By Clint Hill and Lisa McCubbin
Written by Roxanne Roberts with Emily Yahr The flood of stories on the 50th anniversary of John F. Kennedy's assassination dropped off dramatically this weekend, after nonstop coverage of ...
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November 25, 2013
Author Oliver North Chronicles the Toll of War
By Oliver North
Written ny Kenneth Burns Parts of Oliver North's new book are tough going. In "American Heroes on the Homefront: The Hearts of Heroes,"; he and co-author Bob Hamer profile service members who ...
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November 25, 2013
How to be Flexible Like an Olympian
By Ruben Gonzalez
We live in times of constant and rapid change. Because of this, one of the most important qualities you can develop to succeed in the 21st century is the quality of flexibility. Flexibility means ...
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November 22, 2013
Don't do boring. Or, my new business cards.
By Demo Speaker
Recently, I had to get new business cards. Other than my name, all of my information on my old cards was no longer valid. There are a thousand different business card designs. I used to have moo ...
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November 22, 2013
Michael Reagan reflects on the JFK Assassination [VIDEO]
By Michael Reagan
One person who vividly remembers the day J.F.K. died, is a man who's father would one day be president himself. Michael Reagan, son of Ronald Reagan, told CBS 13 he worried the same ...
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November 22, 2013
'American Idol' Alum Scott MacIntyre Releases Christmas Album
By Scott MacIntyre
Written by Sherrill Fulghum November brings Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving, cold weather, and Christmas albums. Classically trained piano player, singer, and songwriter Scott ...

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