Oliver North + America's Forgotten Ally Against ISIS

U.S. Marine, New York Times best-selling author and “War Stories” host Colonel Oliver North is the leading advocate for the United States’ Military. He was awarded the Silver Star, Bronze Star Medal and two Purple Heart medals for his service as platoon commander in the Vietnam War. President Reagan also recognized Col North as an American Hero for his work in the National Security Council as the U.S. counter-terrorism coordinator in 1983. Thanks to Col North, the Freedom Alliance was founded in order to provide college scholarships to the children of U.S. military personnel who lost their lives in the line of duty. 

He recently traveled to Kurdistan to meet with the Peshmerga fighting forces and get a first-hand look at their state of all out war against ISIS. The seasoned, tactful knowledge displayed by Col North as he helps viewers navigate the perilous situation of the Peshmerga in the above video is truly eye-opening:

"The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria continues to expand its sphere of control across the Middle East at an alarming rate—largely unchecked, and leaving death and destruction in its wake. Crippled by sectarian tensions, Sunni and Shia-led governmental powers have failed to contain the spread of the radical Islamic terror group, forcing the Kurdish Peshmerga in Iraq and Syria to stand alone in the fight. In this special edition of Frontlines, travel to America’s forgotten ally, Kurdistan, with LtCol Oliver North to meet the legendary Peshmerga fighting forces engaging in all out war with ISIS. Join the Frontlines team as they find out how America can support the only military force to consistently defeat ISIS and aid the millions of refugees who now call Kurdistan home."

Source: NRANews
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Oliver North: America's Foremost Advocate for the Nation's Military

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