5 Power Tips to Increase your Influence

Recently I moderated an event on “Accelerating your Influence” for WICT New York  and had a robust discussion with a group of engaged women leaders on what it takes to increase the value of your Influence Scorecard - both real and perceived.  There is a difference and both are extremely important in your quest to achieve your professional goals.

Inspired by our WICT discussion, here are the Top 5 P.O.W.E.R. Tips:

Presence & Image

How you show up plays a big role and it takes just one-tenth of a second for someone to judge you and form their first impression. Are you memorable and do you command the room with your own authentic style?  That style may be extroverted and vocal or it may be reflective and quietly confident.  The key is being true to your own persona.

Observations & Behavior

When people observe your behavior (verbal, non-verbal and written), do they assume you have little or significant influence? Brevity is powerful – in both your written and spoken word. Also remember that initially, over 80% of how people judge you will be based on what they see – not what you say or how well you say it.  Ensure your facial expressions, gestures, eye contact and posture all equate to a person of confidence. The key is to flex your behavior based on the style of the person you are trying to influence.

Wealth of Knowledge

What are you famous for? What expert knowledge or skill do you uniquely bring to the table? Francis Bacon once said “knowledge is power” and the ability to make complex things simple is a key trait of influential leaders. Select the right visibility platforms to showcase your expertise and opinions - from high-profile industry conferences to being an influencer on social media.

Engagement through Relationships

One of the most critical factors that will determine the influence you have is what people believe and say about you. Developing deep and lasting relationships based on mutual trust and openness is important.  Influencing without authority can be particularly challenging when competing agendas are at stake.  The key is to relate at a personal level and focus on the common goals you share. Your fans can help create and perpetuate an Influence Halo effect when they become vocal advocates of your personal brand.  The more influential fans you have, the greater the boost to your brand.

Results proving your Influence

The ultimate litmus test of your level of impact and influence really comes down to what results you drive for your organization. The more significant and long-lasting the results, the higher your Influence Scorecard and the greater the likelihood you will be granted more resources to keep on achieving. Let’s call this the Influence Accelerator Effect.

As you start to apply these P.O.W.E.R. tips, keep in mind that both your in-person and digital personas are interconnected and success in one area can accelerate impact in another.  Perception is reality – so work on both your real influence and your perceived influence and power your way to achieving your professional goals in 2016.

Raquelle M. Zuzarte: Award-winning Founder & CEO | Global Citizen across 4 continents| Global Speaker | Fortune 500 Global Marketing Leader driven by purpose+profit

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