Peter Sheahan and 'Matter' Praised By Forbes


Congratulations to global consultant and award-winning speaker and author Peter Sheahan on the high praise his latest work Matter has received from Forbes just one week after its debut! Peter is a powerhouse of genuine energy and enthusiasm for helping others succeed. He is a National Speakers Association Hall of Fame inductee and the recipient of the Council of Peers Award for Excellence as well as the Lifetime Achievement Award for Speaking Excellence. He serves as CEO of both Karrikins Group and ChangeLabs, which helps to spark innovation in creative business leaders through a series of collaborative workshops. ChangeLabs’ desire is to facilitate dialogue among business leaders and nurture the entrepreneurial spirit. The goal of these valuable workshops is to help attendees find commonalities so that they may encourage each others’ endeavors. Peter has also helped transform some of the world’s biggest brands like Apple, IBM and Google, to name a few. 

Matter stays true to its namesake, as the emphasis is on the importance of a business creating value for its customers. The foundation of this book is composed of “multi-year and multi-industry” case studies and years of Peter’s experience as a consultant for business-minded individuals at every stage of development. It also got the attention and praise of Martin Zwilling, a contributing writer at, who paraphrased eight key points of the book in his article 8 Ways To Make Your Venture A Company That Matters:

“It is no longer enough to just have a great product or service. Your company and team members have to be seen as going above and beyond to solve the problems of internal and external customers. How to do this right is illustrated well in a new book, “Matter: Move Beyond the Competition, Create More Value, and Become the Obvious Choice,” by Peter Sheahan and Julie Williamson, PhD.”

We find tremendous value in partnering with Peter to help him change lives in addition to the over 300,000 people he has had the chance to engage and refresh with his insights! 


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