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Oliver North

America's Foremost Advocate for the Nation's Military

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Oliver North

Oliver North is a combat decorated U.S. Marine, #1 best-selling author, founder of two successful small businesses & holder of three U.S. patents. For 17 years he was a syndicated columnist and host of “War Stories” on FOX News Channel. In May 2018, he retired from FOX News and now serves as CEO of Fidelis Publishing, a faith-focused publisher.

North was born in San Antonio, Texas in 1943, graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1968 and served 22 years as a U.S. Marine. His awards for service in combat include the Silver Star, the Bronze Star for valor and two Purple Hearts for wounds in action.

From 1983-86 he served as Counter-Terrorism Coordinator on the National Security Council staff. He helped plan the rescue of U.S. students on Grenada, the liberation of American hostages, the capture of the Achille Lauro hijackers and the raids on Muammar Gadhafi’s terror bases; after which he was targeted for assassination by Abu Nidal’s Islamic Jihad. President Ronald Reagan described him as “an American hero.”

North has authored 16 best-selling books and is co-founder of Freedom Alliance, an organization aiding wounded U.S. military personnel and their families. He is widely acclaimed for award-winning FOX News coverage of more than 60 U.S. and allied military units in combat and his Freedom Alliance “Heroes College Scholarships” for children of service members killed or permanently disabled in the line of duty. Yet, he says his greatest achievement is being, “the God-fearing husband of one, father of four and grandfather of eighteen.”

LtCol North and his wife Betsy live in Virginia. In November this year they celebrate over 50 years of marriage.

Oliver North
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Current: FWS Fund- Defining a Hero

Time 28:42

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FWS Fund- Defining a Hero
Time 28:42
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US Troops Speech
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Oliver North
Featured Keynote Programs

America in the New Millennium

Drawing on his twenty years of experience as a United States Marine and his tenure as a staff member of the National Security Council during the Reagan administration, Lt. Col. Oliver North assesses the United States’ role in the world – militarily, economically, and politically. He identifies the policies that have made America the world’s only remaining superpower and outlines the strategies necessary to keep America at the forefront as a world power.

Family, Faith, and Freedom

In spite of his many accomplishments, this television and radio commentator, best-selling author, founder of a small business, and inventor who holds three U.S. patents counts his most important accomplishment as being "the husband of one and the father of four." He speaks candidly about balancing the professional demands of a career with family obligations, faith, and the civic responsibilities demanded by a free society.

America the Exceptional

Oliver North - combat decorated U.S. Marine, Husband of One, Father of 4 and Grandfather of 14 - describes himself as a "chronic optimist." He says much of his upbeat perspective is because of the company he keeps. His inspiring presentation is laced with self-deprecating humor, stories of high adventure and resonates with tales of the heroes he knows. Listeners praise his encouraging message as "a shot in the arm" and "just what I needed."

Oliver North
Featured Books

The Giant Awakes: A Jake Kruse Novelby Oliver North

The Giant Awakes: A Jake Kruse Novel

by Oliver North

When a young girl is victimized by targets of an investigation, Jake must risk his life and career to save her from sexual exploitation.

Following back-to-back, long-term undercover assignments in Indianapolis and Dallas, the latter resulting in four dead, FBI Special Agent Jake Kruse returns to Los Angeles to take on another undercover operation. Posing as an office supply salesman, Jake befriends a Chinese American business owner believed to be working for an intelligence officer operating out of the Chinese consulate in Los Angeles. Within weeks, the probe reveals a public corruption and human trafficking operation involving politicians and Hollywood executives. When a young girl is victimized by targets of the investigation, Jake must risk his life and his career to save her from sexual exploitation.

Heroes Proved by Oliver North

Heroes Proved

by Oliver North

In 2032, conservative Christians have been driven underground by a repressive government that discredits a former war hero during an effort to rescue a kidnapped scientist.      

The Jericho Sanction by North, Oliver/ Musser, Joeby Oliver North

The Jericho Sanction by North, Oliver/ Musser, Joe

by Oliver North

Lieutenant Colonel Peter Newman is forced to choose between rescuing his kidnapped wife or continuing with his mission to find Iraqi nuclear weapons, as tensions between Israel and Iraq escalate. Reprint.

War Stories III: The Heroes Who Defeated Hitlerby Oliver North

War Stories III: The Heroes Who Defeated Hitler

by Oliver North

It was the Greatest Generation’s greatest moment: when heroes at home and abroad, united in common purpose as soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines—under the leadership of generals like Patton, Eisenhower, Marshall, and Bradley—rescued Europe from the tyranny and genocide of Adolf Hitler.

In War Stories III: The Heroes Who Defeated Hitler, Marine combat veteran Lt. Col. Oliver North gives you a chance to revisit the front lines. Using dramatic first-person testimony, North reveals:

  • The reality of combat: how it felt to live through the Battle of Britain as a citizen and a pilot, on the ground and in the air
  • The stories of Yanks in the RAF: how Americans fought Hitler before Pearl Harbor
  • America’s first taste of battle in North Africa against the Germans—and the French
  • A date with destiny: men and women who joined up together to fight for liberty
  • The saga of war on the home front: how women faced enormous challenges in America, Russia, and Britain and helped win the war

Featuring extended interviews with veterans that cover the war in Europe from beginning to end, War Stories III: The Heroes Who Defeated Hitler is a testament to the courage and sacrifice of the World War II generation—a remembrance of the bravery and honor of these heroes.

It belongs in the hands of every veteran, every student, and every American.

War Stories II: Heroism in the Pacificby Oliver North

War Stories II: Heroism in the Pacific

by Oliver North

When it comes to sheer savagery endured by the American fighting man, few combat theaters could match the Pacific in WorldWar II: the sodden malarial and Japanese infested jungles of New Guinea and Guadalcanal, the kamikaze pilots for whom death was no deterrent, and the blood-soaked beaches taken by island-hopping Marines. Here, in their own words, are the compelling stories of American soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines, as told to decorated combat veteran Lt. Colonel Oliver North. 

In War Stories II: Heroism in the Pacific, North reveals:

  • Eyewitness testimony from Pearl Harbor veterans that Japanese Zeros did not fire the first shots: our defending forces did—with startling results
  • The living hell of the Bataan Death March and the daring rescue of the Ghosts of Bataan
  • The big battles: the Coral Sea, Midway, Guadalcanal, the Marianas, Leyte
  • How Americans cracked the secret Japanese JN-25 code and changed the course of the war

War Stories II: Heroism in the Pacific is the essential book for every veteran of the war, every student of military history, and every American who is inspired by the courage and sacrifice of the Greatest Generation in one of its greatest moments.

American Heroes: In the Fight Against Radical Islamby Oliver North

American Heroes: In the Fight Against Radical Islam

by Oliver North

A New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Washington Post best seller, now available with a new chapter on events in Afghanistan plus an exclusive online access code for three downloadable episodes of War Stories!  

What is a hero? Oliver North says, “Real heroes are selfless. Those who serve America in harm’s way in the war against radical Islam have that quality in abundance. And so do their families and loved ones at home. Yet, they rarely get the attention or coverage they deserve . . . I never cease to be amazed at the self-discipline of these brave young Americans. They can endure the adrenaline-pumping violence of enemy engagement, and then, just minutes later, help school children get safely to their classes . . . No nation—ours included—has ever had a military force better than the one we have today.”

In American Heroes, North offers an inspiring, first-hand account of the extraordinary men and women defending America against radical Islamic terror from his perspective as a forty year member of the United States military, a member of the National Security Council staff and serving as the U.S. counter-terrorism coordinator from 1983-1986. This patriotic book also pulls in the very latest reports and exclusive full-color photographs from War Stories, the award-winning FOX News Channel series hosted by North. 

Oliver North
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Oliver North
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Q and A with Col. Oliver North

Written by Robert McNeely Col. Oliver North is a decorated combat veteran of the U.S. Marines with more than 50 years of service devoted to the military. Since his time on the...
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North is direction for Amarillo vets

There was a line of people Friday inside Hastings Entertainment reaching more than halfway to the back of the establishment, located on Georgia Street in Amarillo. Many of the...
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