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Michael Osacky

Mr. Osacky has appraised world championship collections from former NBA and MLB athletes (Chicago Bulls and New York Yankees) He is a USPAP Compliant Appaiser credentialed by the International Society of Appraisers (ISA)

Mr. Osacky is an active collector of Pre-1970 sports cards; especially tobacco and Cracker Jack baseball cards. He has written numerous articles for national publications such as Parade Magazine, Huffington Post, Kiplinger's Magazine and American Legion Magazine. Michael enjoys interviewing professional sports' owners such as Tom Ricketts (Chicago Cubs) Bill DeWitt Jr (St. Louis Cardinals) George McCaskey (Chicago Bears) and Shad Khan (Jacksonville Jaguars)

In 2017, Forbes Magazine named Michael the "Dean of Cracker Jack Baseball Cards."

Additionally, Mr. Osacky is the vintage sports expert for various TV and radio outlets in Chicago, IL.

Michael Osacky
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Current: Baseball in the Attic on WGN

Time 03:35

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Baseball in the Attic on WGN
Time 03:35
What are your baseball cards worth?
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What Your Sports Memorabilia May Be Worth...
Time 30:28
Fox 13: Bay Area Rare Gems
Time 02:42

Michael Osacky
Featured Keynote Program

The History of Vintage Baseball Cards and Sports Memorabilia.

In this presentation, Michael shares why baseball cards were first created and autograph authentication is so important. Through quick lessons, attendees will also learn to self-appraise their own sports collectibles. At the end of powerpoint presentation, attendees can show Michael their vintage collectibles for a free verbal appraisal.

Michael Osacky
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Michael Osacky
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How Much Are Those Old Baseball Cards Worth?

Depending on the year, condition and, of course, the player, some baseball cards could be worth thousands of dollars. Getty Images Q: I was going through my old...
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World-renowned baseball card collector searches Bay Area for rare gems

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Ty Cobb Cracker Jack Poster That Hung in Barn For 90 Years, Up For Auction Again

I came across a familiar object at the recent National Sports Collectors Convention in Chicago: one of the world’s rarest and most valuable baseball card posters. In June 2016,...
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Brokering baseball cards: A Q & A with ACE alum Michael Osacky

Michael Osacky is a 2002 graduate of the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences. With a degree in commodity, food, and textile marketing, what led him to...
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What Your Sports Memorabilia May Be Worth

Brian Noonan (in for Nick Digilio) welcomes Michael Osacky of Baseball In The Attic who appraises listener’s memorabilia on the air! Source: WGN Radio  Want to bring...
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Sports Appraiser Michael Osacky | Fakes and Forgeries

Michael Osacky runs Baseball in the Attic, a firm specializing in vintage baseball cards and memorabilia.   Michael Osacky, ’02 ACES, was 17 years old and living in...
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Michael Osacky

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