5 Ways to Create Advocates


Who are your advocates?

Advocates could be people inside your organization, or outside your business that advocate for you. These people who can recommend you to others in their network, share resources, products and services with others. Advocates are vital to anyone in corporate or entrepreneurial business.

If you want to create and build relationships with advocates you need systemized thoughtfulness. Yep that’s right a system to keep a track of connecting with them.

 You might be saying ‘Neen I am too busy!’ I know, everyone is busy. I call this making time in time. Make time to use those small pockets of time to connect with people and let them know you are thinking of them i.e. while you are waiting for a meeting to start text a client to thank them for their business, when you are in your hotel room send an article to someone you found interesting. Make the most of each moment.

 I do this with people inside my industry and outside my practice that might be looking for speakers for their annual leadership events and association conferences. If I am not a fit, I can recommend another fabulous speakers for them.

Here are 5 ways to create advocates using systemized thoughtfulness:

  1. Create a system – I confess, I don’t like spreadsheets, some people find them useful. It is the most, old fashioned and easy way to track connections. If you have a relationship management system use that, but keep it simple. You don’t need anything fancy.
  2. Share resources monthly – spend a few minutes each month sharing an article you have read, a book you have just finished or send something to remind them you were thinking of them. Update your spreadsheet and voila – you now have a system. Easy peasy.
  3. Keep top of mind – schedule a recurring appointment in your calendar to reach out monthly, carry your advocate list with you in your phone and if you see something while traveling or shopping, pick it up and send it along.
  4. Remember their holidays – if you have diverse team members, leaders or clients make a note of special holidays they celebrate and reach out to them at that time i.e. Greek Independence Day, Chinese New Year or Rosh Hashana.
  5. Review list annually – at the end of the year determine who you need to add or who you have strengthened relationships with that you don’t need to continue to connect with month.

 Show someone they are important to you, give them the gift of your attention by regularly connecting to be a resource for them, promote others and also strengthen relationships. Who are your three advocates, reach out to them this week.

Source: Neen James

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