Taya Kyle | Should Military Leaders Engage In Politics?

Taya Kyle recently made an appearance on the Fox News Channel and we loved what she had to say on the issue of whether or not retired military personnel should be allowed to voice their political convictions on platforms such as the DNC/RNC. 

Brian Kilmeade started by asking Taya “What’s your reaction to this debate among officers? Generals shouldn’t be involved in politics, are you okay with that?”

“Well, when they’re active duty, certainly they’re not supposed to be but these guys are retired, they spent their careers fighting for all of our rights to have freedom of speech so I think once they’re out, they should be the first in line to exercise their right to free speech.”, Taya answered.

Most importantly, Taya brought up the importance of how easily personal attacks can happen in the political realm, especially during election season. 

“I really wish people would stop attacking people personally and stop overstating the issues. I don’t think that we should criticize the individuals as much.” 

Source: YouTube 

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Taya Kyle: NYT Best-selling author of American Wife and Widow of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle

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