Lego Opens Up To Innovate

Polly LaBarre is in the business of challenging corporations and small business alike to think big. It goes beyond just being adaptable, which must be a default characteristic in the culture of any organization. What matters more than changing is how that change is fostered in. Polly’s approach to sparking innovation and inspiration comes down to asking three very important questions:

  • How can organizations change the way they change in order to become endlessly adaptable and gain advantage over time? 
  • How do you embed innovation as a DNA level capability within an organization
  • How do we unleash and organize human potential in ever more powerful ways? 

Since her days as a founding member of Fast Company Magazine, Polly has helped hundreds of people understand the potential that an open innovation environment can unlock for a business or organization. She spoke about one company, specifically, that is using and thriving on open innovation for multi-faceted growth: LEGO. LEGO is building a lasting connection with their tried and true fans by getting them involved in making their product even better. By creating online communities and events for the sole purpose of allowing ideas to roam free, customers get to chime in on new product ideas and help grow LEGO even more. As you'll see in the video above, Polly has a fantastic way of communicating her findings as a result of constantly staying in loop with the business world. The knowledge she has to offer is powerful, stirring and important for entrepreneurs and entry-level workers alike. 

Source: Tony D'Amelio 

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Polly LaBarre: Authority on Leading Organizational Change; Co-founder, Management Lab; Founding Team, Fast Company; and Co-author, Mavericks at Work

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