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November 29, 2022

Seizing Moments

Your life is a collection of moments which you can either "deal with" and understand later or seize as they happen. This week's video will help you improve your ability to...
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November 28, 2022

If You Were the PGA, How Would You Fend Off LIV?

It is one thing to "Monday morning quarterback" the missteps of companies like Kodak, Blockbuster, Nokia, Neiman Marcus and others who were fatally disrupted. It is quite...
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November 25, 2022

Give Thanks Freely And Often

Remember that time that your sales person had a fantastic day? Did you ever thank […] The post Give Thanks Freely And Often appeared first on Weldon Long.
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November 22, 2022

Meaning Matters

The "meaning of life" isn't an unattainable question. It's an answer you bring to your everyday circumstances. This week's video provides three practical ways to enhance the...
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November 17, 2022

The Importance of Trust

Have you ever stopped going to a business because of a bad experience? What about […] The post The Importance of Trust appeared first on Weldon Long.
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November 16, 2022

Take the Fear out of Digital Disruption: Anticipate and Embrace

Uncertainty. Anxiety. Fear. To say you have never once felt these emotions in either your professional or personal life is a fallacy. This basic human instinct is a primordial...
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November 15, 2022

Undergoing Adversity

Having difficulty overcoming adversity? This week's video explains what you may be missing and offers a different approach to dealing with challenges. WATCH THE VIDEO. READ THE...
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November 10, 2022

The Importance Of Making A Difference

I have spoken at prisons and halfway houses countless times, all without charging a cent. […] The post The Importance Of Making A Difference appeared first on Weldon Long.
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November 09, 2022

5 Characteristics of Next-Level Leadership that may (Pleasantly) Surprise You

Many leadership principles have been around since the dawn of time, and those principles have served and still do serve us well. However, given the transformational, exponential...
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November 08, 2022

Give and Take

To fully experience the flow of growth, you must seize both opportunities to give and take. This week's video will help you contribute more of what's needed and take advantage...
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November 03, 2022

Following Through

“I thought of that idea before it took off!” We’ve all heard someone say that […] The post Following Through appeared first on Weldon Long.
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November 02, 2022

When Surrounded By Exponential Growth, "Wait and See" Can Mean Missing An Opportunity

Patience is a virtue. Throughout much of childhood, our parents and guardians instilled in us to be patient or to wait calmly for our turn at something. Having patience is an...
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