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January 03, 2023

New Year's Start - One Two-Three GO!

This first coaching video of 2023 provides two specific strategies to use the uniqueness of this year to increase your advantages and success. WATCH THE VIDEO. READ THE...
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December 29, 2022

You're Correct, Even When You're Wrong

I find the psychology behind decision making to be fascinating. How much of our thought […] The post You’re Correct, Even When You’re Wrong appeared first on Weldon Long.
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December 22, 2022

You're On Your Way to Success, Now What?

There will come a time when your career will be on auto-pilot. That is, if […] The post You’re On Your Way to Success, Now What? appeared first on Weldon Long.
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December 21, 2022

Increase Volume and Increase Revenue by Breaking Away from a Linear Strategy

Many businesses and organizations in today's economic environment grow in a linear way. However, one may notice that there are just as many organizations that are growing...
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December 15, 2022

Why Our Resolutions Haven't Worked (Yet)

We tend to pay special attention at this time of year to what we call […] The post Why Our Resolutions Haven’t Worked (Yet) appeared first on Weldon Long.
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December 14, 2022

Being Anticipatory is a Strategy that works Across Industries - Here are Just 3 Examples

Being Anticipatory as a leader or an organization is not necessarily a sole act of seeing the future, although paying attention to Hard Trend future certainties and seeing...
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December 12, 2022

In Receiving We Give

This season is not only a time for giving.  It is also a time of reward for good works. When the people that you have helped want to show their gratitude to you… Let...
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December 08, 2022

How Leaders Can Combat Burnout on Their Teams This Winter

The employees are not alright. Two and a half years after burnout reached new heights during the pandemic, the feeling has still not entirely subsided. And burnout, which is...
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December 07, 2022

How Competitive Benchmarking Misses the Mark - And What Anticipatory Leaders do Instead

Third-party perspective and comparing one's self to others is how we as human beings maintain a frame of reference regarding a goal we are working toward. Also known as...
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December 02, 2022

Five Favorite Environments for Unleashing Creativity

If you've participated in one of my workshops, or watched my videos on YouTube, you've heard me riff on the importance of environment in the creative/innovative process. You put...
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November 30, 2022

The Dynamic Generation: How to Attract and Retain Gen Z Employees

Hard Trends have three distinct categories -- demographics, regulation, and technology -- each of which help you find certainty in an uncertain world. While all are vital,...
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November 29, 2022

Seizing Moments

Your life is a collection of moments which you can either "deal with" and understand later or seize as they happen. This week's video will help you improve your ability to...
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