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John Garrett
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Be A Green Apple
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Be the Green Apple - Stand Out In Your Career

Shatter the stereotype. No matter where you are in your career, it’s important to differentiate yourself to achieve your goals. The future professional doesn’t define expertise simply in college degrees and certifications. They have passions outside of work that enhance their ability to develop stronger levels of trust with colleagues and clients. Through hilarious stories and extensive research, this keynote encourages everyone to share their passions because they are the very heart of your organization’s culture.

Many people tend to look at accountants and consultants like they look at apples: they’re all the same. They’re all boring, red apples. If you put them all together then you won’t be able to tell one from another. John’s mission is to encourage your team members, and therefore your Firm, to become engaged and to stand out – by giving them permission to have the confidence to be a green apple in the bin of “boring” red apples.

Shatter the stereotype.
Twelve years after leaving the Firm, John was invited to speak at a PwC Town Hall Meeting. A Partner who he never worked with – and John doesn’t ever recall meeting – saw the list of speakers and said, “I know John Garrett! He’s the guy who did comedy at night.”

Twelve years later.

What are you doing now to develop those relationships so coworkers and clients remember you in twelve years?

Why does your culture matter?

Making culture a priority shows that the firm is dedicated to fostering an environment where engagement is the norm. A Psychometrics Engagement Study states that “disengaged employees cost as much as $500B in the US in low productivity.” Adding to the problem, these disengaged employees chase away your best employees and best customers.

While organizations are beginning to understand the importance of employee engagement, according to Gallup, “Engaged employees stand out because they’re relatively rare. Gallup finds only 30% of all U.S. employees are engaged in their jobs.”

If you don’t think this matters, check out how many millions of dollars could go straight to your bottom line by using this Employee Engagement ROI Calculator.

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John Garrett

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