Steve Perry | CNN Education Contributer, Founder of trendsetting Magnet School and advocate for Public School Reform

Steve Perry

CNN Education Contributer, Founder of trendsetting Magnet School and advocate for Public School Reform

Steve Perry
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Education in America

Dr. Steve Perry, founder of Capital Preparatory Schools located in New York and Connecticut, where 100% of his graduating seniors are accepted to 4-year colleges and universities; U.S. News and World Report has cited his school as one of the top high schools in the country. Featured in CNN's Black in America series, Dr. Perry is one of the most talked about and innovative young educators on the scene today. He has also authored four books. His last book "Push Has Come to Shove, Getting Our Kids the Education They Deserve--Even If It Means Picking a Fight. If you’re a parent who has worried recently about how depressed your child seems when he dresses for school in the morning…or how little of what happens during the school day seems to sink into her brain… or how much of your child’s homework is busywork, you need this book. In this solution-oriented manifesto, Steve Perry covers the full range of issues holding back today’s students.  He shows parents how to find great teachers (and get rid of the bad ones)…how to make readers out of kids who hate to read…how to make the school curriculum thrilling rather than sleep-inducing…how to conduct an all-important education “home audit”… how to “e-organize” if school boards and administrators aren’t getting the message…how to build a “school of the future,” and much more.

Parents must have school choice and vouchers. A good teacher at the front of every classroom should be the number-one priority in public education. But the outdated employment practice called “teacher tenure” lets union leaders keep incompetent, troubled, and burnt-out teachers in the system while keeping out people committed to educating children.

Personal Responsibility

Dr. Steve Perry is a strong advocate of personal responsibility in all aspects of life. As a motivational speaker he emphasizes the social issues in the community with messages that aim at building up both the individual and the community so that our children can be better contributing members of society. His calls to action, personal responsibility and solutions. Man up Nobody is Coming to Save Us. Dr. Perry reaches heart of his audience to motivate change in themselves and their community. Among social issues Dr. Perry focuses on is the role of family and how it contributes to society, including the strengthening of each member. His experience as a social worker, principal and parent equips him to deal with the individual dynamics. And he proposes that positive solutions in strengthening the family will ultimately make for building a better, stronger community.

Effective Student Engagement

Dr. Perry knows in order for students to be successful in the competitive global economy, there must be a system in place to engage, develop and improve their performance. He will give simplistic and direct suggestions that any school system can go back to their classroom and implement tomorrow.

Closing the Achievement Gap

Dr. Perry spearheads a magnet school in Hartford, CT which has the largest achievement gap in the country. None the less with his "Hard Love & No Excuses" method his children are achieving and seeing improvements daily. He knows for sure Urban children have the same passion to achieve as their counter parts and he has constructed a way to instill these methods for results. Implementation steps and strategies are shared for the best solution to turn around learning and close the achievement gap for all urban, rural and suburban children.
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Steve Perry

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