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Annette Breaux

Annette Breaux is one of the most entertaining and informative authors and speakers in education today. She leaves her audiences with practical techniques to implement in the classroom immediately. Her writings and presentations generate instant impact on the relationships between teachers and students. Administrators agree that they see results from their teachers the next day! Her message is one of practicality and personality in teaching and in touching students' lives.

A former classroom teacher, curriculum coordinator, and teacher induction coordinator, Annette also developed the FIRST Program, an induction program for new teachers adopted as Louisiana's statewide model and hailed as one of the best in the country.

Annette's expertise is in student achievement, classroom management, and new teacher induction. She has co-authored books with both Dr. Harry K. Wong and Dr. Todd Whitaker. Her other books include the best-selling "101 Answers for New Teachers and Their Mentors," "REAL Teachers, REAL Challenges, REAL Solutions," "Seven Simple Secrets: What the BEST Teachers Know and Do," "The Poetry of Annette Breaux: Tips and Poems for Teachers and Students," and "50 Ways to Improve Student Behavior: Simple Solutions to Complex Challenges."

Annette Breaux's down-south warmth, infectious humor, and ability to touch the hearts of educators invariably bring audiences to their feet. Teachers walk away with user friendly information, heartfelt inspiration, and a much-needed reminder that theirs is the most noble of all professions - teaching.

Annette Breaux
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Current: The Ten-Minute Inservice

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The Ten-Minute Inservice
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Annette Breaux: Tales from a Teacher's Heart
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Annette Breaux
Featured Keynote Programs

How to Impact Student Achievement and Behavior

Annette’s most popular speech is titled How to Impact Student Achievement and Behavior. In this presentation, Annette offers practical, easy-to-implement strategies for improving instruction and student achievement along with classroom management strategies for improving student behavior instantly. Principals agree that they see results from their teachers the next day. As an added note, almost everyone who hears this presentation gets Annette to come back for Part 2!

The 10-Minute In-Service

The 10-Minute In-Service shows administrators how to improve teaching and learning through quick, meaningful, 10-minute in-services that provide a lot of punch in a little bit of time. Annette shares ideas for conducting short in-services that focus on simple, effective teaching strategies designed to impact teacher effectiveness, student learning, and student behavior. This presentation is very popular with principals, assistant principals, and staff development coordinators.

Classroom Management/Discipline

Classroom Management/Discipline is another of Annette’s specialties where she trains teachers in the use of structured, well-rehearsed procedures and routines that will work in any classroom, along with strategies for preventing discipline problems and defusing, instead of fueling, actual or potential problems in the classroom.

Improving Teaching and Learning Instantly

Improving Teaching and Learning Instantly is the administrator’s version of Annette’s speech titled “How to Impact Student Achievement and Behavior.” In this presentation, Annette shows administrators how to have an immediate, positive impact on teaching, student learning, and student behavior

Annette Breaux
Featured Books

Making Good Teaching Greatby Annette Breaux

Making Good Teaching Great

by Annette Breaux

Every good teacher strives to be a great teacher - and this must-have book shows you how! It's filled with practical tips and strategies for connecting with your students in a meaningful and powerful way.

Learn how to improve student learning with easy-to-implement daily activities designed to integrate seamlessly into any day of the school year. This is a readable, hands-on guide for both new and seasoned teachers - complete with 20-Day Reality Checks so you can reflect on your progress and identify areas for improvement.

75 Ways to Be a Better Teacher Tomorrowby Annette Breaux

75 Ways to Be a Better Teacher Tomorrow

by Annette Breaux
The Ten-Minute Inserviceby Annette Breaux

The Ten-Minute Inservice

by Annette Breaux
Quick, easy, specific steps that make a difference in teaching and learning

Busy school leaders need an easy-to-apply resource to increase teacher effectiveness quickly and efficiently. This book shows principals and staff developers how to improve teaching school-wide through high-impact inservices lasting only ten minutes--incorporated easily into weekly staff meetings. Written by popular education consultants Todd Whitaker and Annette Breaux, this important book offers 40 teacher-tested, mini-workshops that can improve teaching in every classroom. The book covers a range of topics, from behavior challenges and parent engagement to motivating students and making lessons meaningful.

  • Offers school leaders a proven plan to help every teacher improve on a weekly basis by conducting simple 10-minute inservice workshops
  • Offers staff developers, new teacher induction coordinators, mentors, and Professional Learning Communities ideas for effective training sessions
  • Each of the 40 mini-training sessions offered include tips on how to introduce the topic, sample scripts to follow, and implementation activities to ensure lasting learning
  • Whitaker and Breaux are bestselling education authors with a proven track record improving teacher effectiveness

This handy resource contains a simple and effective method for improving teacher effectiveness school wide.

Quick Answers for Busy Teachersby Annette Breaux

Quick Answers for Busy Teachers

by Annette Breaux
Deftly handle the sixty most common problems classroom teachers face

Quick Answers for Busy Teachers presents some of the most common challenges teachers encounter in the classroom, and provides expert help toward solving those problems. This easy-to-read guide is organized into short, discreet chapters, making it an ideal quick reference for on-the-spot answers, with practical advice and concise, actionable solutions. Readers will develop systems for dealing with issues that repeatedly crop up, from handling the out-of-control class to falling out of love with the job. The book offers innovative methods and techniques that improve student achievement and behavior while minimizing stress on the teacher. Recover from challenging situations with parents, students, coworkers, or administrators, implement a system that keeps those challenges from happening again, and learn to relax and enjoy this richly rewarding profession.

Teaching is difficult. Educators must grapple with a roomful of diverse students, an evolving curriculum, massive organization of books, papers, and supplies, and ever-changing technology. They must deal with challenges from uninvolved parents, overinvolved parents, administrators, and fellow educators. This book helps teachers avoid some of the frustration by providing solutions for the sixty most common challenges teachers face.

  • Deal with the student pushing your buttons, and get that student actively engaged in meaningful learning
  • Keep students on task, and deal effectively with poor test performance
  • Speak your mind at faculty meetings
  • Deal with negative coworkers effectively
  • Handle problem parents without embarrassing students or sacrificing professionalism

As a teacher, igniting young minds is only a small part of the battle - it's usually everything else that makes teachers occasionally reconsider their career choice. With solutions and systems in place ahead of time, readers can handle challenges swiftly and skillfully with Quick Answers for Busy Teachers.

Seven Simple Secrets: What the Best Teachers Know and Do!by Annette Breaux

Seven Simple Secrets: What the Best Teachers Know and Do!

by Annette Breaux
101 Answers for New Teachersby Annette Breaux

101 Answers for New Teachers

by Annette Breaux
50 Ways to Improve Student Behavior: Simple Solutions to Complex Challenges by Breaux, Annette/ Whitaker, Toddby Annette Breaux

50 Ways to Improve Student Behavior: Simple Solutions to Complex Challenges by Breaux, Annette/ Whitaker, Todd

by Annette Breaux
Written to accompany 50 Ways to Improve Student Behavior: Simple Solutions to Complex Challenges by Annette Breaux and Todd Whitaker, this Study Guide was written for the participants of seminars, book study groups, and other professional development events. This Study Guide serves as a roadmap to help you organize and work with your faculty study group. It provides assistance to staff developers, principals, team leaders, college professors, and other educational leaders who are working with teachers as they develop their professional skills.
Planning, Instruction, and Assessment: Effective Teaching Practicesby Annette Breaux

Planning, Instruction, and Assessment: Effective Teaching Practices

by Annette Breaux

This entry in the James H. Stronge Research-to-Practice Series focuses on specific strategies teachers can use to improve the quality of their instruction. Studies have shown teacher quality to be the top indicator of student achievement, with the effects of good teachers apparent even as students move on to successive grades.

In this book, Grant, Hindman, and Stronge explore the relationship between teacher effectiveness and student learning. They provide a bridge between research-based theories and practical classroom applications. Templates, planning forms, and other reproducibles help teachers make a noticeable impact on student success using proven techniques and practices. Topics include tiered lessons, using assessment data, and much more.

Annette Breaux
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