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Alan November

Empowering Students With Technology; Founder of November Learning

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Alan November

Alan November is an international leader in education technology. He began his career as an oceanography teacher and dorm counselor at an island reform school for boys in Boston Harbor. He has been director of an alternative high school, computer coordinator, technology consultant and university lecturer. He has helped schools, governments and industry leaders improve the quality of education through technology.

Audiences enjoy Alan's humor and wit as he pushes the boundaries of how to improve teaching and learning. His areas of expertise include planning across curriculum, staff development, new school design, community building and leadership development. Alan November has delivered keynotes and workshops in all fifty states, across Canada and throughout the UK, Europe, Asia and Central America.

Alan was named one of the nation's fifteen most influential thinkers of the decade by Classroom Computer Learning Magazine. In 2001, he was listed one of eight educators to provide leadership into the future by the Eisenhower National Clearinghouse. His writing includs numerous articles and the best-selling book, Empowering Students with Technology. Alan was co-founder of the Stanford Institute for Educational Leadership Through Technology and is most proud of being selected as one of the original five national Christa McAuliffe Educators.

Each summer Alan November leads the Building Learning Communities summer conference with world-class presenters and participants from all over the world.

Alan November
Featured Videos

Current: Myths and Opportunities: Technology in the Classroom by Alan November

Time 13:02

More Videos From Alan November

Myths and Opportunities: Technology in the Classroom by Alan November
Time 13:02
Alan November: EduTech "The Flipped Classroom"
Time 46:38
Alan November: "21st Century Learning -- a Deep Dive into the Future of Education"
Time 26:33

Alan November
Featured Keynote Programs

Teaching Zack to Think
Critical Thinking Skills on the Net

Too many students are not sure how to separate fact from fiction on the Internet. The Internet can provide any version of the truth to support almost any belief. We can teach students how to read the "grammar" of the Internet and apply strategies to validate information on a website. This popular workshop porvides step-by-step teaching tips that help students and teachers think critically about Internet information.

Creating a New Culture of Teaching and Learning

A powerful new culture of empowered teaching and fearless learning is emerging. Access to more timely information and communication tools can empower educators to focus on the individual learning needs of their students. These same tools can lead to more collegiality, build stronger community relationships and empower students to be more self-directed. This workshop presents clear examples of how this new culture has been achieved.

Smart School Design

School design can have a significant impact on the culture of learning in your school. New models of school design are emerging that support a wide range of learning styles and take full advantage of global communications. Access to powerful technologies can free designers to build smaller, more intimate schools. Alan examines school models from around the US and UK to illustrate powerful new ways of creating learning spaces.

Building Learning Communities

We now have tools to build and strengthen our learning communities. We have the opportunity to provide our students with authentic assesment relationships over the Web that can help dramatically improve student motivation. We can take advantage of the communication tools the Internet provides, such as blogs, IM, Skype, video conference or email. Research suggests many students are more willing to ask for help and accept criticism when they are online.

Alan November
Featured Books

Empowering Students with Technologyby Alan November

Empowering Students with Technology

by Alan November
Collects ideas for lessons, resources and real-life examples from fifty websites that educators can use to strengthen student's research skills, critical thinking, and problem solving.
Who Owns the Learning?: Preparing Students for Success in the Digital Ageby Alan November

Who Owns the Learning?: Preparing Students for Success in the Digital Age

by Alan November

Learn how to harness students natural curiosity to develop self-directed learners. Discover how technology allows students to take ownership of their learning, create and share learning tools, and participate in work that is meaningful to them and others. Real-life examples illustrate how every student can become a teacher and a global publisher. The embedded QR codes link to supporting websites.

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Alan November

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