John Stevens | Author of <i>Table Talk Math</i> and <i>The Classroom Chef</i>

John Stevens

Author of <i>Table Talk Math</i> and <i>The Classroom Chef</i>

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John Stevens

John Stevens is an instructional math and technology coach in Southern California who has also taught high school Geometry, Algebra 1, middle school Math, Service Learning, and Robotics, Engineering, and Design since 2006. As the co-author of "The Classroom Chef" and author of "Table Talk Math," he has served as the go-to guy for trying new, crazy, and often untested ideas to see how well they will work.

He co-founded and moderates #CAedchat, the weekly teacher Twitter chat for the state of California. Another side project that has become a passion for John is Would You Rather? which is dedicated to getting students talking about--and arguing with--math. John blogs about the intersection of his interests at His latest adventure has led him into the world of 3D-printing, designing lesson plans and curricula for AirWolf3D.

John Stevens
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Current: Parents Just Don't Understand

Time 05:27

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Parents Just Don't Understand
Time 05:27
Table Talk Math Overview
Time 00:46

John Stevens
Featured Keynote Programs

Cooking with Curiosity

Engagement. Rigor. Innovation. Yes, we want our students to have the opportunity to change the world, but how? In our short time together, I want to encourage the facilitation of curiosity and technology can help us get there. In fact, I truly believe it is the best ingredient we can provide for our students, our lessons, and for ourselves.

Their Hands

Our students know things, and it is up to us as educators to facilitate deeper learning and provide ample feedback; but how? In a time when we have standards to cover, tests that seem to hold our students’ creativity hostage, and accountability applying more pressure than ever, it’s about time we took a step back and put the learning into our students’ hands.

Starting a Math Fight

Math teachers have a wealth of free resources available to them and a breadth of people who are willing to help. Join us for a jam-packed day with websites and tools that will get students arguing, thinking, and challenging the way that they think about math. From a pitcher of water to ziplining and much more, we will explore sites that are good for all grade levels and are sure to change the way your students interact with mathematics!

Navigating a Google Suite Classroom

The world of Google for Education will certainly change the way you teach. From teacher workflow tools to classroom activities, teachers will work together as we make the shift from a traditional classroom to a tech-savvy learning environment. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, everyone will leave with a box of resources ready to apply to their classrooms.

John Stevens
Featured Books

The Classroom Chefby John Stevens

The Classroom Chef

by John Stevens
Table Talk Math: A Practical Guide for Bringing Math Into Everyday Conversationsby John Stevens

Table Talk Math: A Practical Guide for Bringing Math Into Everyday Conversations

by John Stevens

John Stevens
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John Stevens

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