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Ian Jukes

Co-Director of the 21st Century Fluency Project

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Ian Jukes

Ian Jukes is the founder and Executive Director of the InfoSavvy Group, an international educational consulting firm; as well as a director of Springboard21, which provides education solutions across the global education landscape. Ian has been a classroom teacher - teaching every grade from Kindergarten to Grade 12 - a school, district, provincial, and national educational leader; a university professor; an award-winning author; an international consultant; and a keynote speaker.

To date, he has worked with clients in more than 80 countries, and made more than 12,000 presentations. He is also the author or co-author of 18 books and 9 educational series.

His most recent books include: Reinventing Learning for the Always-On Generation; Learning Without Classroom; Teaching the Digital Generation; Living on the Future Edge; Understanding the Digital Generation; Literacy Is Not Enough; Getting It Right: Aligning Technology Initiatives for Measurable Student Results; Leadershift: Renewing Schools for Modern Times; and A Brief History of the Future of Education . He is currently completing two new books:Where IT Meets ET: The Place of Technology in Modern Learning; and Education in the Age of Disrupted Learning. He has also had more than 200 articles published. Ian was also the creator of the highly successful TechWorks Technology Integration Model; the 21st Century Fluency Project; and the Springboard21 Diagnostic and Reporting Tool.

Ian has also created, organized, and populated a vast digital library that contains more than 18,000 educational resources and best practices separated into more than 200 educational categories. He freely shares this resource with his many clients through various social media networks. He is also a great believer in paying things forward, and regularly acts as a mentor to other educational professionals, supporting them in the writing of books, development of workshops and presentations, and professional growth.

Outside of education, he has worked with a wide range of government agencies, the banking, medical, entertainment, and insurance industries, as well as with organizations and communities who wish to explore possibilities for preferred economic futures.

But first and foremost, Ian is a passionate educator. From the very beginning, his focus has been on the compelling need to restructure our educational institutions so that they become relevant to the current and future needs of the digital generations - and to help students prepare themselves for their future and not just society's past. He spends his year working out of Vancouver; Auckland; and Melbourne.

Ian Jukes
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Current: Eductech DI Keynote

Time 07:44

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Eductech DI Keynote
Time 07:44
Welcome to the Extreme Future
Time 04:28
LeaderShift: Where Do We Begin
Time 17:18
Reinventing Learning For the Always on Generation
Time 43:43

Ian Jukes
Featured Keynote Programs

Inspiring Imagination and Innovation Creativity

Where does creativity come from? How are we inspired to be creative? What thought processes lead us to forge exceptional and unique products and concepts that speak to us on unseen and personal levels, shaping our thinking and inspiring strong opinions and feelings? And how can businesses and education make use of these powerful qualities, and be driven to excel? This workshop focuses that helps bringing passion to presentation, story to structure, and emotion to innovation. Discover how artistic proficiency adds meaning and relevance through design, art, and storytelling by incorporating the 5I’s—Identify, Inspire, Interpolate, Imagine, and Inspect.

Global Connections and Interdependent Collaboration

The students and workers of the modern world are living in an environment conducive

to collaboration. Technology, social networking, and InfoWhelm have broken down long-standing barriers of communication in our society and turned the economy global. Our suburbs are no longer just outside our back door—they’re all over the planet, and education and business are looking ahead to the strong partnerships and team environments that will define their future, and connect them to the modern world. The successful ability to work and interact with partners both real and virtual is the essence of the presentation Global Connections and Interdependent Collaboration. Get a sense of how the architects of our digital age will successfully forge partnerships to interact and prosper in both real and digital environments with the help of the 5E’s—Establish, Envision, Engineer, Execute, and Examine.

HyperInformation and Information Investigation

Our society has been profoundly affected by InfoWhelm and HyperInformation—the unparalleled access to a wealth of online information, never before seen or heard of. Learning has truly become a lifelong pursuit, that can happen anytime, anywhere in our Information Age. But how do we determine the good from the bad, interpret right from wrong, and distinguish complete, accurate, and usable data from a sea of irrelevance and digital inundation? The skills to help us best understand and make use of the wealth of knowledge at our fingertips is essential to life and success both in the classrooms and workforces of the modern world. This presentation examines the skills that help us extract essential knowledge, verify its authenticity, and perceive its meaning and significance. Participants will how to discover and collect data and to explore it thoroughly, using the 5A’s—Ask, Acquire, Analyze, Apply, and Assess.

Real-World Problems and Independent Problem Solving

The new digital age is here, heralding a future coming at us like a locomotive, ever-changing, and always challenging. The children of today are the builders of tomorrow—they both need and deserve a skill set that stresses critical thinking and develops a mindset of discovering innovative solutions to complex problems that haven’t even been witnessed yet. In this workshop, we take a careful look at one of the vital modern learning skills that focuses on a creative thought process designed to foster problem-solving skills and a real-time application of the comprehensive 6D’s thinking model—Define, Discover, Dream, Design, Deliver, and Debrief. You’ll see how today’s “just-in-time” learners can employ CDM (Convergent, Divergent, Metacognitive) thinking abilities to discover and create the best and most effective solutions and apply them to the challenges of modern times.

Ian Jukes
Featured Books

Future of Educationby Ian Jukes

Future of Education

by Ian Jukes
A Brief History of the Future of Educationby Ian Jukes

A Brief History of the Future of Education

by Ian Jukes
Getting It Rightby Ian Jukes

Getting It Right

by Ian Jukes
Leadershift 2020by Ian Jukes

Leadershift 2020

by Ian Jukes
Literacy is not Enoughby Ian Jukes

Literacy is not Enough

by Ian Jukes
Living on the Future Edgeby Ian Jukes

Living on the Future Edge

by Ian Jukes
Reinventing Learning for the Always-On Generationby Ian Jukes

Reinventing Learning for the Always-On Generation

by Ian Jukes

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Ian Jukes

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