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Ross Shafer

Six-Time Emmy Award-Winning Comedian, Network TV Host and Best-Selling Business Author of 10 Books on Reinvention and Resilience.  

With more than 35 years of experience in show business and media, the six-time Emmy Award-winning comedian, writer, and former network TV host Ross Shafer is also a man who simultaneously began his business career at the age of 21. He subsequently rescued 23 different companies from bankruptcy and resold them. 

Ross’s peculiar combination of experience led to his writing (10) popular business books (Nobody Moved Your Cheese, The Customer Shouts Back, Grab More Market Share, Customer Empathy, Are You Relevant? Absolutely Necessary, Behave Like a Startup, Success: It’s on You, No More Customer Friction, and his latest (2021) book on resilience, titled RATTLED).

Ross has spoken and consulted for 3,000+ clients including Apple, Microsoft, Chrysler, Adobe, MetLife, Hyundai, Hilton Worldwide, AT&T, Marriott, FedEx, and Toyota to name a few. His unique insights on raising customer scores became a game changer when he dismissed the notion of “WOW-ing the Customer.” Instead, he blamed low scores on the devastating impact of the POW moments (customer gut-punches by your failures). According to Ross’s research and client case studies, POWs can erase the WOW effect and cause customers to abandon a business forever. Ross believes, “The pandemic taught us we don’t have to over-delight everyone. We just need to make fewer blunders. Don’t disappoint customers and your customer scores will soar.” Ross Shafer offers entertaining and eye-opening perspectives for individuals and organizations to achieve resilience by paying attention to the evolving influences around them.

Ross Shafer
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Ross Shafer
Featured Keynote Programs

How to Build a Relevant Culture

In this wildly entertaining keynote your attendees will benefit from these takeaways:


Staying innovative is an admirable goal; but one that requires diligence because “relevance" is an ever-evolving target. An exciting culture for your team is one that is nimble enough not to wait for perfection. Launching new ideas, new services, and new products (before it’s too late) is invigorating for your culture.


Relevant leaders who earn the highest level of confidence deliver World-Class expertise through their own successes and temporary failures. That kind of transparency inspires your team members to exceed their goals by curating collaboration and celebration with each other. Ross shares how to become World-Class.


Your people want to know they matter to you. Extreme curiosity shows your people you honor frequent encouragement. Team members want to know you acknowledge their contribution to the organization. People feel more engaged when the organization strives for an ‘emotionally connected’ brand.


The buried treasure, for sustainable growth, is how well you respond to your customer’s newest expectations. The WOW vs POW discipline does that by eliminating friction from every process and transaction. It prevents surprise gut-punches, reckless disappointment, and inexcusable blunders.

Are Your Customer Expectations Being Ignored?


Our research shows that customer loyalty scores go up by eliminating the POW MOMENTS from every transaction. (POWS are the gut punches the customer experiences when we fail or disappoint them). All the work we invested to create WOWS can be detailed by a single POW.

(2) CUSTOMERS ARE ON A SURVIVAL MISSION (this can be either a Keynote or a separate Breakout Session)

As the author of (14) Human Resource films and (4) books on the Customer Experience, Ross’s personal case studies will take you inside the organizations that succeeded, those that failed, and why either outcome happened.


It’s not your product or service. It’s not your brand. Loyalty is tied to the emotional story you tell in the last seconds of the transaction. Beware of your follow up evaluations. They can destroy the perfect engagement. Ross will explain how this works.

Staying Unshakable

How can we remain innovative, even when our creativity and energy seem exhausted. What you probably don’t know is when Ross was suffering from extreme relationship failures and financial collapse, it was the bouncing back part that drove him to develop the confidence and resilience to succeed beyond his previous heights. Ross has collected fun case studies that demonstrate how to find inspiration; even within chaos.

(1) Serving Others…and Each Other

How we treat one another has changed dramatically since the pandemic. The paradigm has shifted from trying to temporarily over-impress people (WOW) to learning how to consistently eliminate silly errors, correcting missteps, and reducing communication blunders (POWS). Ross will show how organizations like Amazon, Netflix, Uber, and others have changed their constituents’ expectations re: “being well served.”

(2) Culture & Collegiality

These two ideas are emboldened by securing the trust of our friends, communities, and stakeholders. Ross will talk about the collaborative powers of Extreme Curiosity, Instant Rapport, and Understanding (all from the perspective of a Network Talk and Game show host/producer). Profound and Fun.

(3) Transparency – Doing the Right Thing

Besides his own rags to riches story, Ross has some amazing true tales of individuals (from humble backgrounds) who have gone on to influence worldwide leaders with their simple methods. EXAMPLE: Maria Garcia (a hotel maid from Havana, Cuba who became the VP of a software company). Funny and insightful.

(4) Instilling Confidence and Security

Regardless of your job or position, developing World Class Expertise, in any profession, builds confidence in yourself and others. Ross will talk about Bill Nye, The Science Guy (whom he invented), his father, Chuck Shafer, and Dave Hopla – the World’s Greatest Basketball shooter. Funny and insightful, this discussion will assure everyone that greatness is accessible and ensures collaboration, respect, and influence.

An Interactive Virtual Keynote

Think about this twist on virtual meetings…

(Part A) You choose your own meeting Host/Emcee from within your organization. 

(Part B) You decide upon the 4 or 5 specific initiatives you want to be the focus of the session.

(Part C) Ross studies those initiatives (ahead of time) and gives your “host/emcee” a list of questions to ask Ross. He will deliver funny stories and enlightening case studies specifically related to achieving your teaching/coaching goals. Your host can also open the questions up to the audience. Ross is very witty on the fly.

Ross Shafer
Featured Book

Rattled: Crazy A** Stories of Extreme Resilience to Help You Go from Shook to...Solid by Ross Shafer

Rattled: Crazy A** Stories of Extreme Resilience to Help You Go from Shook to...Solid

by Ross Shafer

RATTLED is comprised of Crazy A** Stories of Extreme Resilience to help You Go from Shook to...Solid. Authors, Ross Shafer and Allison Dalvit, boldly share their darkest times (and highest heights) in ways that are poignant, shocking, satisfying, cliff-hanging, and often funny. You will see yourself living through your own travails and be encouraged to use their tactics to raise your Titanic moments from its worst depth.

RATTLED is comprised of Crazy A** Stories of Extreme Resilience to help You Go from Shook to Solid. This book is for those of you who have been blindsided by losing your money or stability, crushed by people who betrayed you, confused by the unplanned trajectory of your career, or recovering from a sudden death and/or gut-wrenching health decision. And now, you find you are trying to adapt to a global pandemic that disrupted everything you ever knew about how to live, learn, and play. This book is about surviving under every imaginable pressure. RATTLED doesn't always paint pretty pictures but the authors, Ross Shafer and Allison Dalvit, share their darkest times (and highest heights) in ways that are poignant, shocking, satisfying, cliff-hanging, and often funny. Ross and Allison have weathered the scariest of personal, financial, and professional storms to finally claw their way back to their respectively successful paths. You will see yourself living through your own travails and be encouraged to use their tactics to raise your Titanic moments from its worst depth.

Ross Shafer
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Ross Shafer
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