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Stacey Hanke CSP, CPAE

Coming from an entrepreneurial upbringing, Stacey learned early on how we consistently show up and interact determines our success in our organizations and in our lives. Starting with a career in voice-over, she quickly realized how every word matters - every movement of your body matters and every sound you make matters (volume, tone and inflection). All of these combined determines who listens, who stays connected with you, who believes you and then acts on your recommendation.

Stacey then jumped into the corporate world as a trainer for Fortune 500 companies, training every possible topic from motivation to customer service to leadership. She traveled internationally researching the difference between a leader who is influential versus a leader who’s simply a good communicator.

Today, Stacey is the CEO of a highly sought-after consulting and training company where she mentors leaders who want to ensure their employees perceive them as an influential leader – those who are working towards a promotion – and sales professionals to ensure their message and style resonates with their clients.

An inductee into the Speaker Hall of Fame, she has been a featured guest on media outlets including: The New York Times, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Thrive, SmartMoney Magazine, The Economist and Business Week. Her client list is vast: FedEx, McDonalds, Google, Kraft Heinz, Nationwide, American Express, Discover and Oracle. Her knowledge leading diverse, high-level teams makes her a sought-after speaker and consultant and she has inspired thousands around the world through her ability to connect with an audience and one-on-one.

With over 20 years of studying influence across cultures and industries, leading large corporate teams makes her the perfect fit for organizations large and small who are ready to influence on a consistent basis. Clients hire Stacey because of her implementable strategies that help leaders get to the point, communicate with confidence and credibility, to build trust and deliver messages that drive action, creating lasting results.

Stacey Hanke CSP, CPAE
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Stacey Hanke CSP, CPAE
Featured Keynote Program

Ignite Connection in Your World

In our heavily distracted and dis-connected world, our ability to lead effectively, problem solve, and inspire connection is being tested every day. Communication is at the core of everything we do. Stacey’s engaging and fun keynote will give you the tools to communicate in a memorable way to influence action Monday to Monday®.

In this presentation, she shares how connection and consistency are critical to communicating with influence and impact. Connection is about creating a meaningful experience for your listener to influence them to take action. Consistency creates a reliable personal brand, allowing your listeners to trust that you will show up for them the same way, Monday to Monday. Together, connection and consistency create authenticity which builds trust. 

Your attendees will learn how to:

  • Influence others even when you’re not present. 
  • Build a consistent brand that differentiates you from the competition. 
  • Maintain continual growth in your ability to communicate with influence and impact.

This keynote is immediately actionable and gives you a structure to make sure it sticks. Stacey will help you to shift the way you communicate to ignite deeper connection and trust!

Stacey Hanke CSP, CPAE
Featured Book

Influence Redefinedby Stacey Hanke CSP, CPAE

Influence Redefined

by Stacey Hanke CSP, CPAE

Stacey Hanke CSP, CPAE
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Stacey Hanke CSP, CPAE
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