My 10 Point Plan to Defeat ISIS


I keep getting asked what we need to do to defeat ISIS. Here is my 10 point plan:

1. Define the enemy: Radical Islam.
2. Define Victory: No safe havens for radical Islamic groups anywhere. 
3. Deploy 2 US Carrier Strike Groups & Marines to the Med. 
4. Launch heavy strikes against radical Islamic terror groups in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, and the Sinai. 
5. Put US JTACs & FACs with real anti-ISIS fighters/Pesh Merga. 
6. Provide arms directly to the Kurds - not through Baghdad. 
7. Tell Putin to get out of the way. 
8. Stop all GITMO transfers. 
9. Support President Sisi in Egypt & King Abdullah in Amman to clear ISIS out of the Euphrates river valley.
10. Resettle and support refugees in the region - Not in the US. Go to to see more.

Here's a few pics from my recent time with the Pesh Merga and the refugees. God help them because we're not.

Source: North Points 
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