North is direction for Amarillo vets

There was a line of people Friday inside Hastings Entertainment reaching more than halfway to the back of the establishment, located on Georgia Street in Amarillo.

Many of the roughly 200 people in line, which was more or less a constant number for more than 30 minutes despite people moving through the line, wore ball caps signifying their service in different branches of the U.S. military.

People like David Ehly of Amarillo, a Nazareth native and Vietnam veteran, and Charles Pope of Amarillo, a 21-year Army veteran, were not rare among the attendees.

The attraction?

Marine Corps Lt. Col. Oliver North, who has become a noted author/political commentator/television figure since the political scandal of the late 1980s — Iran/Contra — made North a national name.

North was in Amarillo hyping his latest book, “American Heroes: On The Homefront.” In the book, North “follows (members of the U.S. military) from the battlefield to the homefront and finds extraordinary inspiration in their triumph over life-altering adversity,” according to North’s website.

Criticize North for his past if you want, but there is no denying that the lieutenant colonel resonates with and relates to those who have sacrificed — sometimes greatly — to preserve America’s freedom.

Pope had North sign a copy of “American Heroes” for his son, a Marine who is serving in Afghanistan. Pope included a picture of his son with North, which was taken overseas.

Not all who attended North’s Amarillo tour stop were veterans, but there were many.

North graciously chatted with them, asking them about their service, and thanking them.

There was an undeniable connection — a connection that should be respected, regardless of politics.

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