Marc Hoberman | Teen Illness Survivor, Test Prep Expert, Anti-Bullying and Drug Abuse Prevention

Marc Hoberman

Teen Illness Survivor, Test Prep Expert, Anti-Bullying and Drug Abuse Prevention

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Marc Hoberman

His inspirational bestselling memoir: Adversity Defeated: Turn Your Struggles into Strengths tells Marc's story: He was diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of 16 after a stressful move from Yonkers, New York to Florida.

His story follows his experiences up to the present day where he has taught for over 33 years and helped many teens and parents navigate difficulties of topics ranging from illnesses, bullying, academics, test anxiety, and more.

Participants will learn how to deal with stressful situations. Venues will have a program tailored to their needs including the following: Assemblies, classroom discussions, author writing process workshop.

Whether your audience is teens or their parents, Marc's story will resonate with a wide range of participants. His expertise in education combined with experience with his own illness (and how he would not allow it to define him) will be inspirational for all who hear his story.

As an English teacher for more than 30 years and camp administrator and consultant for almost as long, I have come to realize that children today need to learn how to deal with the often unexpected struggles in their lives. I wrote my memoir to help teens and their parents navigate through myriad issues that often confront them when they least expect it. Bullying, drug use, depression, and teen suicide have touched the lives of far too many young people; it's important for them to see that there are ways to avoid the negative outcomes that some have experienced.

Marc Hoberman
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Marc Hoberman
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Speed Reading and Power Memorization/Study Skills
Classroom Management
Effective Lesson Delivery
Team Building
Leadership Training

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Teen Illness
Dealing with Stress
Creating success in school.
SAT/ACT Test Prep

Virtual Presentation

Overcome Adversity

Marc Hoberman utilizes technology to take his powerful keynote to virtually any place on the planet. High energy, humor, and powerful story-telling, Marc can connect with attendees located together or watching individually.

This presentation will enhance the viewer's ability to overcome adversity and live by Marc's mantra: "Don't let your struggles define you; YOU define you!."

Marc's humorous, emotional, and inspiring speaking style has been captivating audiences across the globe. WCBS RADIO NYC 880am included Marc's story as the Top 50 Human Interest Stories in 2017.
Marc's company, Grade Success Education, will be featured in September 2020 as the Education Channel associated with the streaming service NeTV.

With authentic storytelling, engaging visuals and Marc's ability to connect with participants, Marc will show viewers how to create their own support system, make better decisions, and set a game plan for success.
Marc concludes with a Q & A that is an honest and inspirational session where he answers student and teacher questions.

In this most powerful presentation, participants will see and learn about:
- How to Overcome Adversity
- Physical and Emotional Safety
- Meeting people at THEIR reality
- Anti-Bullying
- Drug Abuse Prevention
- Redefining yourself and making positive changes immediately

Marc Hoberman
Featured Books

Highly Effective Teaching Strategiesby Marc Hoberman

Highly Effective Teaching Strategies

by Marc Hoberman
A Journey to Recovery: Speak Sobrietyby Marc Hoberman

A Journey to Recovery: Speak Sobriety

by Marc Hoberman
Adversity Defeated: Turn Your Struggles into Strengthsby Marc Hoberman

Adversity Defeated: Turn Your Struggles into Strengths

by Marc Hoberman
A Key That Turned: Unlocking the Master Planby Marc Hoberman

A Key That Turned: Unlocking the Master Plan

by Marc Hoberman

Marc Hoberman
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Marc Hoberman
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