Clinton R. Van Zandt | FBI Profiler, Hostage Negotiator, Vietnam Veteran and Sr. TV Commentator

Clinton R. Van Zandt

FBI Profiler, Hostage Negotiator, Vietnam Veteran and Sr. TV Commentator

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Clinton R. Van Zandt

Clint Van Zandt was with the FBI for 25 years where he served as a Supervisor with the FBI's internationally respected Behavioral Science or "Silence of the Lambs" Unit. He was also the FBI's Chief Hostage Negotiator and managed the FBI's Major Case/Crisis Management Program. Prior to this he was an Agent with U.S. Army Intelligence and is a Vietnam War veteran. He has been the primary hostage negotiator for numerous national and international kidnap and hostage situations and he has testified before the U.S. Senate.

He managed both the FBI's Crisis Management and Major Case Management Programs and has assisted companies across the U.S. and around the globe with their Crisis Management and Violence in the Workplace Programs and regularly consults on these and other matters with such companies.

As an FBI Profiler and Hostage Negotiator, he personally negotiated with Branch Davidian cult leader David Koresh in Waco, Texas and he has conducted negotiations that have brought about the release of hostages held by prison rioters, and kidnap victims held by both South American guerrillas and terrorists in the Philippines. He correctly profiled Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh on the day of that fateful bombing and also led the analytical team that helped to identified the "Unabomber."

A well-known author and television and radio commentator concerning crime and human behavior, he has made more television appearances than any other FBI Agent in history, to include over 3,000 national and international TV shows (NBC, MSNBC, Fox, CNN, ABC, CBS, Discovery Channel, History Channel, and NPR, etc.) and has appeared many times on programs such as The Today Show, Larry King Live, Dr. Phil, Fox and Friends, Charlie Rose, Inside Edition, Anderson Cooper 360, The NBC Nightly News, The View, Meet the Press, The O'Rilley Factor, Imus in the Morning, and The Oprah Winfrey Show, and he has contributed to many print media and radio shows, to include the BBC. He is currently NBC/MSNBC TVs Chief on-air Criminal Analyst. His life and career were profiled in "The New Yorker Magazine" and Court TV aired a biography on his life (The Negotiator.)

Clint Van Zandt's newest book, "Facing down Evil, Life on the Edge as an FBI Hostage Negotiator," is available nation wide and has been published in a number of foreign languages, as a book on tape, and as a Reader's Digest Condensed Book. His book "Dynamic Processes of Crisis Negotiation," was awarded the 1998 Best Book Award by The International Association for Conflict Management. In addition to his weekly and sometimes daily television appearances, he also writes a weekly Internet column for that is read by 1/2 million viewers each week. Clint is an extremely popular corporate, social, and cruise ship lecturer. He has spoken before many diverse groups such as the U.S. Naval Academy, the American Psychological Association, and the American Society for Industrial Security, and at a number of major US and international institutes of higher education as well large fund raising, yearly corporate and other social events such as Chamber of Commerce, Crime Stoppers meetings and before major lecture organizations. He holds a bachlors, a masters and two doctorate academic degrees.

Clint's seminars, lectures and after dinner speeches are exciting, interesting, dynamic, educational and humorous at appropriate times, and he leaves his audiences with valuable insights and critical information that can help them better understand human behavior, and perhaps even save their lives!

Clinton R. Van Zandt
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Clinton R. Van Zandt
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Do so called psychics really have special abilities that can help law enforcement solve cases? Explore the history of psychics, the myths and the truths, and learn how they help, or hinder, criminal investigations.

The History and the Secrets of Psychological Profiling

What is the origin of criminal profiling and how is it used to solve crimes by the FBI? Hear the truth from a former top profiler in the FBI and see first hand how these techniques are applied to solve mysteries.

Protecting Children of all Ages from Predators

Former FBI Agent Clint Van Zandt was kidnapped by a child predator when he was 7-years-old. Hear how that experience changed his life forever and how you can both identify predators and help your children, grandchildren and others avoid being a victim of a predator through actual case presentations. You will leave with information that can help save lives.

Telling the Difference between Mr. Right and Mr. Wrong

Former FBI Agent Clint Van Zandt has helped both men and women deal with cases of Internet and personal stalking and domestic violence. He has identified and provides audiences with the behavioral warning signs that will be present to indicate that any new or existing relationship may become violent. He shares these signs and indications in an interesting and educational forum that will allow adults and children alike to either avoid entering into a relationship with a potentially abusive individual or to deal with such a relationship if you are already there. Information is presented in a honest, forthright manner through the review of case studies and information developed over years of study. This topic can saves lives.

Clinton R. Van Zandt
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Clinton R. Van Zandt

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