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Carlos Gil

Carlos Gil is a first-generation Latino marketing executive, best-selling author of "The End of Marketing: Humanizing Your Brand in the Age of Social Media and AI,"
international keynote speaker, and award-winning digital storyteller with over a decade of experience leading social media strategy for global brands including LinkedIn, Winn-Dixie, Save-A-Lot, and BMC Software.

Carlos' work has featured by Harvard Business Review, Inc., Entrepreneur, and Social Media Examiner in addition to dozens of trade publications. Presently, in addition to being a contributor to Entrepreneur Magazine and Author for LinkedIn Learning, Carlos is the CEO and Founder of Gil Media Co., a Los Angeles based marketing firm which works with Fortune 500 clients including DocuSign, Western Union, Keller Williams, Hertz, Kay Jewelers, and Zales.

As a dynamic and charismatic speaker, Carlos' speaking pedigree includes bilingual keynote speeches for clients across the United States, Europe, and South America in addition to presenting at prominent marketing industry events such as Social Media Marketing World. Carlos is also an Advisory Board member for Hispanicize, the largest U.S. Hispanic marketing conference, and diversity event.

Before working in corporate brand marketing, Carlos founded as a result of a layoff in the financial services industry. Leveraging strong entrepreneurial acumen, Carlos raised awareness for his start-up through social media. CNNMoney and other news media featured Carlos' start-up in addition to being recognized by Fast Company in 2010 among the Top 50 "Most Influential People Online."

Why Carlos?

A true practitioner and strategist with over 10 years of corporate marketing experience working for Fortune 100 companies & global brands including LinkedIn
Highly acclaimed for providing actionable insights and strategy
Creates a fun and enthusiastic atmosphere by bringing a high level of energy to the stage mixed with confidence and thought leadership
Each keynote is carefully crafted for the client, with the audience in mind, in order to create a memorable experience for attendees

Carlos Gil
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Current: The End of Marketing

Time 34:01

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The End of Marketing
Time 34:01
Digital Summit Keynote: Social Media Marketing in 2019
Time 29:26
Social Media for Real Estate Agents
Time 17:07
The ROI of Marketing in 2018
Time 57:17

Carlos Gil
Featured Keynote Programs

The End of Marketing
Humanizing Your Brand in the Age of Social Media and AI

Social networks are the new norm, and traditional marketing is failing in today's digital, always-on culture. Businesses across the world have to face up to how they remain relevant in the choppy waters of the digital ocean. In an era where a YouTube star gets more daily impressions than Nike, Coca-Cola, and Walmart combined, traditional marketing as we know it is dead.

The End of Marketing revolutionizes the way brands, agencies, and marketers should approach marketing. From how Donald Trump won the American presidency using social media and why Kim Kardashian is one of the world's biggest online brands, through to the impact of bots and automation, this presentation will teach you about new features and emerging platforms that will engage customers and employees. Discover bold content ideas, learn from some of the world's largest brands and content creators, and find out how to build smarter paid-strategies, guaranteed to help you dominate your markets.

The End of Marketing emphasizes that no matter how easy it is to reach potential customers, the critical relationship between brand and consumer still needs the human touch. Learn how to put 'social' back into social media and claim brand relevancy in a world where algorithms dominate, organic reach is dwindling, and consumers don't want to be sold to, they want to be engaged.

How To Hack Facebook’s New Algorithm Changes

Facebook’s latest algorithm changes have sparked concern for brand and Facebook page managers-many of whom fear that their organic reach will plummet thanks to a new prioritization of interactions with family and friends. While marketers today blame their woes including depressed organic reach and engagement on Facebook itself (“It’s Mark Zuckerberg’s fault!”) the fact remains that Facebook is one of the most powerful marketing tools on the planet – more than Google. In this master class, you will get a detailed look into the new updates, discover how to leverage Facebook’s suite of tools & features, and learn proactive steps you can immediately take to reclaim organic reach. We will also do live Facebook page audits as a group, and you will walk away with a checklist that you can implement immediately back at the office.

What Marketers Can Learn About Social Media from DJ Khaled And Drake

Between DJ Khaled, Kylie Jenner, and Jake Paul, today’s most prominent brands on social media are not Walmart or Nike but instead people also known as “creators.” As traditional brands continue to experience depressed organic reach and plummeting engagement, marketers are scrambling for answers on how to stay relevant. In this session, you’ll get an entertaining yet detailed look into the state of social media and proactive steps you can immediately use to not only survive but thrive on Facebook now and beyond.

Social Media for Real Estate Agents

To succeed as a realtor, you need to stand out. With a solid understanding of social media in your tool kit, you can craft a winning personal brand that helps you generate more leads and, ultimately, sell more homes. In this course, learn the tried-and-true methods for using Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and other top social media platforms to drive clicks to your listings and connect with consumers in your target demographic. Instructor Carlos Gil details how to build your brand online, shares social selling techniques, and offers tips for creating compelling content that keeps customers engaged and encourages referrals. Plus, learn best practices for creating Facebook ads, how to leverage LinkedIn Groups, how to set up a messenger bot to automate lead generation and more.

Carlos Gil
Featured Book

The End of Marketingby Carlos Gil

The End of Marketing

by Carlos Gil

Carlos Gil
Featured Reviews

Carlos Gil
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