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Peter Legge, CPAE, CSP is an internationally renowned and highly honored keynote speaker who is the best selling author of How to Soar with the Eagles, You Can if You Believe You Can, It Begins With a Dream, If Only I'd Said That, If Only I'd Said That volume II and III, Who Dares Wins, The Runway of Life and most recently, Make Your Life a Masterpiece. A living legacy of one of Canada's true entrepreneurial success stories, Peter's expertise in leadership, innovation, change, communication and personal mastery is in high demand.

As President and CEO, Peter Legge is a savvy businessman and natural opportunist who leads the largest independently owned publishing company in Western Canada - Canada Wide Media Ltd. Founded on hard work and determination, his empire began as a small-circulation television listings magazine call TV Week, and is now a top Canadian enterprise, producing more then 40 titles with annual revenues in excess of $30 million! When Peter Legge speaks to an audience, he speaks from experience; a man who understands business and the critical role effective leadership plays in today's marketplace.

Peter is a passionate and generous man on a mission to help other discover their life's purpose and he believes we are all capable of great things. He understands that in today's demanding and every changing world, we face complex challenges when pursuing our dreams - he knows that many of us struggle with creating success and fulfillment in our lives, because he has too.

Both on and off the platform, Peter Legge's signature is in his leadership presence. Addressing thousands every year, Peter's keynote presentations empower us to take charge and get the results we deserve. As a masterful storyteller with a down to earth, warm and humorous style, Peter Legge delivers the real time learning audiences value and need in order to shift perspective and create forward momentum in their own lives:

-Master tools to set and achieve goals.
-Core principals and practices that promote growth for peak performance.
-Shared insights to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset.
-A methodology for success centered in building on strengths.