Maureen Healy | Internationally Renowned Educator, Author of "The Emotionally Healthy Child" and Social & Emotional Learning Expert

Maureen Healy

Internationally Renowned Educator, Author of "The Emotionally Healthy Child" and Social & Emotional Learning Expert

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Maureen Healy
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Current: How to Raise Happier Children

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The Emotionally Healthy Child

Understanding children’s emotional health and how to help children build emotional regulation, and intelligence is the focus of this program. Participants gain a completely fresh perspective, and tools to nurture emotional health in themselves, as well as their students and families.

Audience takeaways: 

  • Clear definition of children’s emotional health. 
  • Receive the “7 Essential Lessons” of how emotions work. 
  • Science-based strategies that build emotional awareness, and self-regulation. Different emotions like anger and sadness are considered, as well as strategies in effectively handling them specifically. Different types of children discussed too (the perfectionist, stubborn child, intense and/or creative child, and so forth). 
  • Scripts (things to say) that help children slow down, stop, and make better choices.
  • An understanding of the “big picture” of emotional health, and resilience development.

Elementary to Middle School with Success

elping students successfully transition from elementary to middle school takes skill, insight, and savvy SEL strategies. The “mean girl” syndrome, bullying, and peer pressure are real. Being able to connect and center tweens while they have tricky and tough decisions isn’t easy – but with a proven approach middle school can be a bridge to students’ best selves.  

Audience takeaways: 

  • Emotional and social development stages in middle school. 
  • Scripts (things to say) when common and tricky middle school scenarios arise (online or in-person). Guiding students to their own “ah-ha” experiences.
  • The role of Identity Formation and what that means today. 
  • Skills of resilience, character, and connection are for every tween, but especially the highly sensitive and creative child. 
  • Helping tweens make smart choices with their digital footprint is covered (all social media included).

The Resilient Child

Resilience is a skill that children can learn to develop regardless of their circumstances. Being able to understand the science of childhood resilience, as well as the ideas and skills that help students get unstuck from problems, as well as form a resilient mindset can be game changing for the home or classroom.

Audience takeaways: 

  • Resilience and emotional health are learnable skills.
  • Understanding the resilience equation (3 elements of resilience) can help every child, parent, and teacher build resilience, as well as restore it after its broken.
  • Framework for incorporating resilience-building ideas, and strategies for elementary and middle school. Strategies by grade are shared. 
  • A clear understanding of the science of childhood resilience, as well as how to help children bounce back after experiencing a small to epic situation. 

Character Education in the Real-World

Preparing students to become successful after school requires, they develop a strong character, build skills of emotional regulation, and make responsible decisions. Learning how to develop a strong character in today’s world is essential education.

Audience Takeaways: 

  • Understand how students character is built for today, and the long-term, as well as how to repair a damaged reputation (or character). 
  • Access a “Character Toolkit” by grade, which provides teachers ideas and activities to joyfully engage students in making strong character choices. (Searchable by grade and character trait).
  • Walk away with clear ideas on how to strengthen your character, as well as students. 
  • Become clear about the connection between character, and happier life experiences. 

Maureen Healy
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Maureen Healy

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