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Jacob Morgan Speech Topics

The Future Leader: 9 Leadership Skills & Mindsets For The Future Of Work

How do you lead in a rapidly changing world where it’s clear that what worked in the past won’t work in the present or the future?

Leadership is changing right before our eyes and the pandemic has only accelerated the transformation. It’s never been harder to be a leader but the...

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The Future of Work

The future of work isn’t something that happens to us, it’s something we design, shape, and create!

How is the world of work changing and how should we set ourselves and our organizations up for success? Talent is transforming, there is fear of AI and automation taking jobs, change is...

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"Leading With Vulnerability: Unlock Your Greatest Superpower to Transform Yourself, Your Team, and Your Organization."
The Employee Experience Advantage: How To Create An Organization Where People Want, Not Need To Show Up

Investment in employee engagement has never been higher yet scores have never been lower, how can that be the case?

Nothing matters more than the experience organizations create for their people, this has become glaringly true in a post-pandemic world. For decades, organizations have been...

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The Future of Leadership

Most leadership discussions and research focus on the present, however, in this rapidly changing world, we must focus on what it will take to be a great leader in the next 10 years. This presentation is based on Jacob’s new groundbreaking book coming out at the end of 2019 which is based on...

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The Vulnerable Leader

Leaders are told to be vulnerable, but what does that actually mean, what’s keeping leaders from being vulnerable, how do you do it, and is vulnerability always a good thing?

Leaders are in positions of power and authority which means being vulnerable for them is not the same as it is for...

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The Future Of...

Exploring the Future of Your Industry

As a futurist Jacob has delivered keynotes on everything from the future of finance to the future of healthcare. By applying futurist frameworks and models Jacob is able to paint a picture of the key trends driving your industry and what the future of your...

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