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Eric Termuende, Future of Work, Futurists business, leadership, generations, HR, culture, Motivation, Youth, Campus/School, inspiration, workplace, Productivity and Performance, future of work, next gen Eric Termuende, Future of Work, Futurists business, leadership, generations, HR, culture, Motivation, Youth, Campus/School, inspiration, workplace, Productivity and Performance, future of work, next gen
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Eric Termuende

Thought Leader on Optimizing Workplace Culture, the Future of Work, and Engagement in the Workplace

About Eric Termuende

Eric Termuende is a best-selling author, internationally recognized thought leader, and keynote speaker on all things future of work, leadership, workplace culture, and talent management. After years spent studying the world’s greatest places to work, he has deciphered what sets amazing leaders apart from the rest, and what it takes to build incredible teams that are resilient, innovative, and ready for the future.

His research and insights have inspired category-leading companies like Amazon, ...

Eric delivered a high energy, engaging and informative keynote that left our people leaders inspired, informed and committed to shifting 1 degree. The task of creating a conversation about what 'has got us here, won't get us there' was met 100% with modern research and examples of companies that were relevant and thought-provoking. Eric has a gift for deep listening, challenging the status quo and confidently sharing his stories with humility, humor at a world class standard.

Laura Appleton - Senior Manager, People & Culture, Arc'teryx

Eric is an absolute pro. He was tasked with closing our 4 day event. He was the 13th speaker, he followed 12 incredible presentations, not an enviable position to be in. Not only did he bring something from every other presentation into his program, he also wrapped our entire event with a bow. He may have been the youngest presenters on our faculty but ended like a seasoned pro.

Stu Saunders - Founder, EPIC Conference

I thought your presentation on "Human Capital is Your Most Important Asset" was excellent and the audience was fully engaged for the duration of your session. The post-conference survey certainly confirms this with many delegates choosing you as their favorite conference speaker. We have now completed a full year cycle with you (four events) and happy to confirm the investment has been well worth it and you have elevated the Business Transitions Forum brand nationally for Cube Business Media.

Mark Stephenson - President, Cube Business Media

Eric is highly knowledgeable in his field of business and, at the same time, is capable of quickly understanding the complexity of the event we were hosting. Eris is an excellent speaker with a plethora of great thoughts and ideas. His insights regarding the future of work were spot-on and the content of his keynote spurred a significant amount of conversation amongst our attendees.

Candice Seiger, Executive Director - AAA

Eric spoke at our annual Showroom Manager's Conference. His charismatic energy was electrifying and contagious. He gave us a great insight on where retail is headed and what we need to be successful. The managers' feedback was exceptionally positive. They were left inspired and enlightened.

Randy Binning, VP of Retail Operations - INDOCHINO

We had the opportunity to bring Eric in as the keynote speaker for our annual strategic planning workshop with all of our Senior Leaders. Eric did an excellent job of helping us understand and connect the links between strategy and culture with some "one degree shifts" in our thinking about people and process. This slight change in our thinking was a great catalyst for the subsequent discussions as we built out our strategies for the coming year.

Dan Klassen - Vice President Human Resources at Toyota Material Handling
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