Evan Robb | Distinguished Principal, TEDx Speaker, Author, and Horace Mann Educator of The Year Recipient

Evan Robb

Distinguished Principal, TEDx Speaker, Author, and Horace Mann Educator of The Year Recipient

Evan Robb
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Each workshop can be one or two hours and are ideal for teachers and administrators.  Evan’s workshops allow staff to delve deeper into topics and to leave with ideas and strategies to positively impact culture, climate, and change.

The Ten-Minute Principal Workshop
Evan shares ideas and strategies you can immediately put to use.  Attendees will reflect on their work schedules and create new and creative ways to organize the day to increase effectiveness and to start feeling less reactionary to the position of school-based administrator.

TeamMakers Active-Learning Workshop
Evan will work with your team to identify division-wide challenges. Teams will prioritize challenge, discuss ways to address them and the pathways forward.

Mindset Matters

Staff will see how mindset, disrupting routines and letting go of what is holding us back can lead to innovations in teaching and leading.  Evan will share stories, pose questions, and offer suggestions on how the choices we make can change the trajectories of adults and children.

Think Like an Entrepreneur
Market Your School

Evan pulls upon his M.B.A. skills to share 10 specific strategies you can use to harness technologies and social media to define your school’s brand and to promote your brand to your community, staff, and students.

You Can’t Fire Your Way to Excellence

In this workshop, Evan shares 5 specific strategies he has learned to improve staff performance.  Effective principals understand it takes time for a teacher to grow and develop the skills necessary to integrate best practices into a learner-centered environment. It’s important to understand this: a principal cannot build a positive student-focused culture by removing staff in hopes of the perfect teacher showing up for an interview.

Time to Let Go!

This workshop is a combination of humor, nostalgia, and change.  Evan takes your staff on a journey and highlights 7 traditions that many hold near and dear but need to go. Learn how to challenge some of these traditions and strategies to bring about effective change for staff and students.

The Ten-Minute Principal

This keynote brings stories of inspiration, triumph, and failures to your team.  Hear the journey of an experienced principal who shares what has helped him find success and the failures he made along the way; both allow your staff to reflect, feel affirmation, and learn some things to avoid. Tap into your potential, be bold, and embrace the challenges and opportunities of leadership.


Evan shares a story of triumph, setbacks, and redemption. TeamMakers empowers central office staff, school administrators, and teachers to collaborate and communicate their educational hopes and dreams. When these stakeholders work as a team and deepen their understanding of each other’s stories, they tap into their creative thinking, talent, and innovative ideas to bring about positive changes throughout a district. To develop this culture of courage and respect for diverse ideas, Evan will offer specific suggestions for getting started, moving forward, and enhancing the effectiveness of your team.

Disrupting Your Routine and Finding Your Greatness

Through story and images, Evan will share his thinking on the impact of mindset on personal and professional growth. Disrupting your routine, letting go of what’s holding you back, and how you view change all impact your decisions, choices, and success. Evan will challenge the status quo and challenge your staff to reflect on their work patterns and the changes they can make to get new and better results.  This keynote is not about learning something new; it is focused on reminding you of what you may have forgotten.

Two Ways to Get Into a Swimming Pool

Based on Evan’s TEDx talk. Evan shares a personal journey of hope, optimism, and the value of living and leading with passion. As we grow older we often lose sight of the daring and fearlessness we had when we were young.  Help your team recapture daring and the conditions that need to be in place to find the greatness that is in each of us.

Culture, Climate and Leadership

Evan, through story and personal experience, shares the importance of establishing a positive school culture and climate. Attendees will learn eight specific strategies you can start right away to lead change to create an environment staff want to work in and a school student’s want to attend.

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Evan Robb

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